Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England Gardens House  2006

Gardens House, Parlington, The Cricket Match & Picnic, Summer 1995
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The Gardens House, revisited!

Continuing the theme from the previous page, the Gardens House is a classic English country property, functional, impressive, but never ostentatious.The kitchen for example is one of the best features, it is large enough to be great for food preparation, with a large antique rectangular pine table, and the cooking, done as it is in the old Aga, is capable of real quality, and usually provides just that! During my brief tenure Christmas 1996 we made some great food, and my later visits to some raucous dinner parties, the kitchen was always the heart of the place. I recall one evening with guests from Aberford and also the local farmer and his wife, she sadly no longer with us having died early due to cancer. We all dined in a manner more conducive to the Regency period! Great fun it was too. Sadly I did not take my camera, so it remains a memory locked into my head and the others present.