Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

Gardens House, Parlington, Fred Selby's Tenure

The Gardens House, and Fred Selby

Fred Selby with his wife and family lived in the Gardens House, through the period before the Second World War until after the estate was sold by Yvonne Studd Trench Gascoigne (Sir Alvary Gascoigne's only child, following the death in 1944 of his son Douglas) in 1964. Other photographs kindly lent by Fred's Grand Daughter, Susan Shillito, feature in the section titled Artifacts here: 1930's. The top picture above is of Fred posing on his motorcycle under the admiring attention of his wife. The door in the wall beyond can be seen in the recent photograph, albeit the angles are not the same in each photograph. Susan, Fred's Grand Daughter recalled at a recent meeting that on the north side of the house, the same side as the water pump, stood a large greenhouse, this was heated and was clearly one of those referred to in the book by John Kennedy as noted on the earlier page.

The rest of this section is dedicated to some of the people who have lived and visited the Gardens House during the twentieth century. Fred Selby's step son, Susan's father is shown to the left, he being photographed standing by the sundial which sat in the centre of the walled gardens, directly in line with the middle of the house, along the path which led to Parlington Hall. The sundial was moved to Lotherton Hall at some point, probably before the 1964 sale. It used to feature in the gardens at Lotherton, but due to concerns about being stolen, it along with other cherished antiquities were moved to a secure internal store, where they now languish unseen and unloved, a sad reflection on our times. [Note] 2017 A visit to Lotherton confirmed it has been re-instated in the gardens again!

The next photograph from, Heather Walker, shows Dick Benson Sumpter (On a brief visit to his old digs in November 1992) at the Gardens House looking at the fountain/fish pond. He lodged at the house during the Second World War April 1943 - July 1945, when he was officer (Major) commanding the local Home Guard, which had its headquarters at the Aberford Almshouses. That Major Sumpter was living in part of the house during the tenure of Mr & Mrs Selby was unknown to Susan, Fred's Grand Daughter!
The wall to the side of each character in the photographs is the same one, the fish pond has become a small fountain by 1992, acquiring a central water spout.

The final picture shows Fred Selby, with a visitor seated in front of the garden doorway, behind can just be seen the outline of a car, this shot is thought to be around the late fifties or early sixties. Some years later, when the man? [Need his name] who made Circlemaps lived at the Gardens House, the section behind the arched doorway was bridged from the house to the outbuildings, to form a porch to the entrance door, out of shot, on the east wall.
[Note: Circlemaps were created by setting the buyers house as the centre of an approximately 3' 0" diameter, map. The maps were formed from original Ordnanace Survey sheets glued onto a back board and framed in a expensive circular hardwood frame; the entire frame having a glass front. The hand made frame and bespoke nature of each piece made them rather uneconomical, but delightful to own, especially to view many years later, noticing the changes in the landscape.There is one in the Jackdaw Pub on Stutton Road, Tadcaster. If you know of one do let me know.]