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Use the navigation S1, S2, S3, etc to page through the stereo shots, the plan at the head of this page shows the approximate location and direction of each stereo image. To view the plan as you progress through the pages click on the pop-up link below, which will load a copy of the above location plan. Pop-Up

Each of the pages deals with one of the key prints,

  1. The Porte Cocheré & Entrance Area
  2. The Drawing Room, Conservatory & Garden
  3. Main Fountain & Smaller Fountain beyond
  4. Main Fountain Viewed from the Dining Room
  5. Small Fountain and the Larch Tree
  6. Garden East of Conservatory
  7. Deer Park
  8. Snowy Driveway

At the head of each page is the image associated with the topic and then explanations and conclusions along with larger scale details where appropriate to clarify matters.

The pages in this section are heavily populated with image files, so you may experience some slowness in the loading of the pages, especially if you are not using a Broadband connection.

Where images have been take from the earlier version of the site, they have a colour band on the left edge, this helps to see the progression in any assumptions or opinions that have been stated in the evolution of the re-discovery of Parlington Hall.

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In view of it being virtually impossible on a computer monitor to view a stereo photograph and obtain the effect; a three dimensional view. Only one of each pair is set out in this section. Each of the photographs is mounted on a card and the photographic medium is termed an Albumen Print, albumen being egg white. A comprehensive explanation of these early photographic techniques can be found here at Stanford University

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