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The first piece of marble was found in the ground, amongst the material excavated during the uncovering of the semi-circular ashlar wall of the Bay, the piece is on the extreme left in the header picture. A few other small fragments have been uncovered and then earlier this year [2008] when the lake near the Gamekeepers cottage was being prepared for dredged, at the east end was a piece of material sticking out of the mud, the smooth surface was evident even though much of it was covered in slime from years of submersion.

Teetering on the hard ground at the edge of the lake, I stretched forward and managed to pull the slippery object from the grip of the mud. It was obviously stone, the weight and temperature made this apparent. It was also unlikely to be wood having, as could be seen a square end, jutting from the mud.

Finished End of Skirting

After washing in some clean water the marble was found to be surprisingly well preserved, even the fine groove at the top edge was intact. Freed from the mud, the dowel hole was apparent in the squared off end.

Dowel Hole in the Skirting

Intriguingly, a further visit to the lake as the water level dropped revealed two more sections of marble had been thrown in and were lying near where the first was discovered. After cleaning I was pleased to discover that two of the broken pieces matched as can be seen in the picture below.

Another fascinating aspect of the discovery of the marble in the lake is the change in colour which occurs on the face at around 20mm from the bottom edge, it is clear that the marble has faded and that the darker area is where it was concealed by an abutting piece of material like a marble flooring.

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