Parlington Hall :: 1930's Photos and Introduction

The original notes to this story started here. The following collection of photographs has brought to a close a mystery that began a year or so ago with the two images showing the ladies standing on the bridge over the railway at the rear of the Dark Arch and the same group gathered by the old pump wheel. I received the pictures from two different sources, but neither could provide any details of the occasion or the individuals featured in the pictures. To make matters worse the originator of the picture of the ladies by the pump was a complete dead end, literally, the source of the image had died and so my contact from the Garforth Historical Society was unable to shed any light on the origins of the snap.

The position remained so until I received an email from a reader who was making enquiries about a relative who had worked for the Gascoigne family, she was able to confirm that one of the girls in the pump image was her relative. So progress, but still no information about the origin of the photos.

Then out of the blue last November [2007] I was contacted by a lady who had come across the site and had some information about the gardener woodsman, the last Gascoigne Gardener employee to have lived in the Gardens House, a certain Fred Selby, her Grandfather. This was an unexpected turn of events and we discussed in depth her recollections of staying with her grandparents and playing around the remains of the hall and the grounds. To say she had fond memories of the old place was an understatement, it still retains an air of tranquility and is like a place that time forgot, so add to that the rosy recollections of youth and you have a recipe for dewey eyes!

The Gardens House

We later agreed to meet and she and her husband duly arrived with a collection old family snapshots from the 1930's. This find along with the earlier stereo photographs really added to the knowledge of the old place. I had felt comfortable with events up until the twentieth century but thereafter a lot of holes existed in the story of the gradual demise of the hall. The conversations we had, started to cross T's and dot I's, so to speak.

The header picture here is really just a good starting point for that day out in the 1930's, the sequence of the photographs is not known, the negatives being long lost. This shot is of four young ladies and they are sitting on the gate across the central opening of the Triumphal Arch, note the drive passing through the arch at that time. Please read on in the pages of this section. Next Page

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