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Upcoming Heritage Event September 2013

The Heritage Day Walk for 2013 (September 15th 2:00pm) is open for bookings, just complete the form below, first 30 will be lucky! The walk information can also be viewed on the website.

This site is the result of a lot of work, not just by the author but a number of friends and colleagues who have assisted with some of the research, they are, in no paricular order. Helen Hull, Adam White, Pauline Robson, Peter Hull and Harry. Eventually I hope it will carry a substantial volume of data on the Gascoignes' and the people associated with them. It is for no particular purpose, other than to try and put in place some of the local history of an attractive Yorkshire village, where for generations one family dominated the lives of many of the inhabitants of the villages around Aberford, be they miners, farm workers or domestic servants.

The Gascoignes influence was such that many rumors have been generated about them, from simple scoldings about trespassing on the estate, to the ostracizm of a miner for eight years for going on strike! [Not substantiated] So not all good, but in general they were well regarded by those that new them.

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I enjoy hearing from anyone who has any interest in, or information about, Parlington. Please feel free to send me an email.
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History Tours

A number of historical societies, including the York Georgian Society, Garforth Historical Society and Barwick in Elmet Society, have visited the site of the hall and have been given an extensive tour and explanation of the history of Parlington.

If you have an interest in the history of the old Hall, please use the above form to make enquiries.

Further Information

Following visits by people interested in the local history, a number of new and informative pieces of information have come to light, for example the Baroque plaster work undertaken for Sir Edward Gascoigne around the mid eighteenth century, was teased out of the pages of history with the help of Adrian Bailey of the York Georgian Society.

It seems that Sir Edward employed a famous Italian plasterer, by the name of Vassali to undertake works for him in his chapel and the Drawing Room at Parlington. Extracts from Sir Edward's diary note that he bargained with a Mr Vassali on March 15th 1732 for these new works. Although none of this remains there are some good examples of similar work by the plasterer and also other individuals working in fibrous plaster on the great houses of Britain by a Geoffrey Beard, titled Decorative Plasterwork in Great Britain. Published in 1975 by Phaidon Press Limited. [More of this later]

Dennis Morritt of the Barwick Society, kindly provided a unique photo of the Hall shortly before it's partial demolition in 1952, snapped with a Kodak Box Brownie or similar!

Society Lectures

Recently, following local requests, I have compiled a talk on the subject of Parlington Hall and am taking bookings to talk at local History Societies, Rotary meetings etc. If you are interested in hosting a talk in the Yorkshire area, please contact me.

Contact me, by email, just click on the link below:
Brian Hull
Please contact the author, by email

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