Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England haddon hall

Haddon Hall, Near Bakewell, Derbyshire
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The images on this row are respectively, an old timber door; Tudor fireplace and panelling; plaster relief over the fireplace depicting Orpheus taming the animals, in the State Bedroom; an interpretation of Tudor period dressing; Long Gallery.

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Various views of the south elevation, and a shot taken of the landscape with the River Wye and a delightful old stone bridge in the centre, from the high terrace of the gardens, a vey old mortice lock on a garden gate, accompanied by a more modern, yet equally rusty padlock and chain.

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South elevation, with a great sky beyond, various shots from the Lower Courtyard, including a great stone mullioned window and an intersection point in some of the millstone paving drainage.

P9103145 P9103139 P9103130 P9103103 P9103091

Fine wooden carving in the chapel, showing the Stations of the Cross, depicting Christ's suffering; more views inside the Lower Courtyard; stonework and some magnificent Topiery.

Haddon Hall

Located in Derbyshire, about two miles to the south of Bakewell on the A6. The pictures in this section were taken on a recent visit to the Hall. Simon Jenkins author of England's Thousand Best Houses and Guardian journalist described the hall, thus: "The most perfect English home to survive from the Middle Ages." and I think he was spot on. Home to the Manners Family for over 800 years it is well worth a visit.

During mine, Ruth Goodman (BBC's "Victorian Farm" and "Edwardian Farm") and "The Tudor Group" were at the house interpreting, in costume, My Lord and Lady's Chamber in the Ante Room and State Bedroom, [see picture on row one.] Further information about Haddon Hall can be found on their web site.