Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England stokesay castle

Stokesay Castle, Near Ludlow, Shropshire
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North Tower, from the adjacent cemetary; Gatehouse; Hall and South Tower beyond; Hall roof structure; Interior stud walls.

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Oak wall studs; Interior of Solar Block at the south end of the Hall; View over the roofscape towards Shrewsbury; Gatehouse from above; On the roof of the South Tower.

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First floor room of the South Tower with its 17th-century fireplace; First floor room again; Beneath the South Tower looking towards the Gatehouse; Under the North Tower from the dry moat; Curtain wall beside the Gatehouse.

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Gatehouse, with the Church of St. John the Baptist, beyond; Gatehouse from the cemetary; Full view of the Hall from the north; View from beside the War Memorial in the Churchyard; Church and North Tower.

Stokesay Castle

Located in Shropshire, a few miles north of Ludlow on the A49. The pictures in this section were taken on a visit to the castle last year. I was prompted to go by a photograph of the Gatehouse taken by George Fowler Jones in the 19th-century, which was posted by a relative of GFJ from the Chile branch of the family on Flickr, here. Being not many miles from Cheltenham where my daughters live, it was an easy drive into the border country.