Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England brodsworth hall

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, Near Doncaster, South Yorkshire
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Cedar of Lebanon on the lawn to the front of the Hall; North Elevation; Porte Cochère and Entrance; Greyhound Sculpture on the South Terrace; View from the South West.

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Fountain to the west of the Hall; Laburnam arch facing the west wing; Grotto; Wrapped palms in the former quarry, now a splendid sheltered garden; Rose Pergola.

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Grotto, and structures around it (1-4); Hall from the gardens to the west.

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Summer House; Bridge in the Grotto; Pine trees in the grounds; View from the north west.

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens

Located in South Yorkshire, a few miles off the A1(M) to the west on the B6422. The pictures in this section were taken on a visit to the hall last year. Naturally my interest was mostly centred on the hall and the many artefacts, fabrics and furnishings which retain the Victorian appeal of the place. The house and grounds are under the auspicies of English Heritage and therefore it was not possible to photograph any of the inside of the place. Whilst this is perfectly understandable, I was disappointed that the available postcards were few, but the guidebook is excellent and up to the usual standard of English Heritage. Amusingly the designer of the guide has the same surname as me, a certain Pauline Hull, no relative as far as I know!

If I have a gripe, well more of a suggestion really, when you arrive at a place like Brodsworth Hall, you are immediately caught up in everything around you, the fabulous trappings of wealth and privilege from a bygone era, so reading the 48 page guide with double fold out front and rear flaps is not something to do on route around the place. Perhaps the odd referral but not any serious reading as there is so much else to take in. Therefore in these days of the ubiqitous web it would be so easy to put the transcript of the guide online, perhaps not the full version so as not to cannibalise the sales of the paper edition, but at least more than is currently to be found on the Brodsworth Hall page of English Heritage's web site. That way prior to a visit you could determine what there is to see, and that which you wish to focus on! Although I note you can buy the guidebook from the web site, but that would take some time to arrive!

An example of this came to me as we walked around upstairs on the first floor and came across photographs and information about S. Y. Aline, a sailing yacht commissioned by Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson, the owner of Brodsworth. The boat was both innovative and successful, one of the largest and fastest of its day, later owned by the Prince of Wales. The story of the family's keen inerest in sailing mirrored the interest of the Gascoigne family at Parlington who commissioned the S. S. Ibis from Messrs Tod & McGregor at Partick in 1866.

Whilst I was not able to take any photographs of the interior of the house, there is plenty to "shoot" in the grounds, again, similarities to Parlington can be found, for example the fountain, first picture on the second row above, the pedestal has carved fishes, which are of the same style and shape to the long lost fish fountain from Parlington.