Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England framlingham castle

Framlingham Castle, Suffolk
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Gatehouse; Tower 13 and Western Tower beyond; Vintage Mortice Lock; View over the Western Tower and across the Mere; Inner Court.

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Inner Court looking towards the corner Tower 4; Inner Court and Red House; Red House and former Poorhouse beyond; Tudor Chimney;

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Walkway between Towers 7 and 8; Views down to the Inner Court and the various brick Tudor Chimneys; Lower Court, looking towards the Towers 10 and 11; Western Tower; Western Tower and Tower 13 near the Gatehouse.

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Beneath the Gatehouse access; footbridge and view over the Mere to Framlingham College; Western Tower; Old pump mechanism outside the local pub in Framlingham, very similar to the old pump at Parlington; Framlingham College.

Framlingham Castle

Framlingham is a small market village, located in rural Suffolk, north east of Ipswich, the castle which is on the outskirts of the village was the seat of a number of notable English families down the centuries. Built in the 12th-century by the Bigod family, the castle was home to the earls and dukes of Norfolk for over 400 years. From the Bigods it passed to the Brotherton family, on to the Mowbrays in the late 14th-century and was inherited by the Howards in 1483.

For a short time in the 16th-century it was the focal point of national interest when Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, fled to the castle, in her ownership at that time, with her troops; to avoid her pursuers, followers of Lady Jane Grey in 1553. It was during the time Mary was at the castle that she was proclaimed England's first ruling queen.

The second to last picture on the fourth row is of an old hand pump much like the one at Parlington, it is situated in the grounds of the local pub, the Castle Inn. My enquiries of the landlord were unable to discover much about the pump, and it is not in its original position I believe. However it is remarkably similar to the one at Parlington here, more on this find later.