Sir Thomas Gascoigne XVIII 2nd Baronet


Sir Thomas Gascoigne XVIII 2nd Baronet Sir John Gascoigne XVII 1st Baronet John Gascoigne XVI Maude, or Matilda Arthington Anne Ingleby Anne Symonds Mary Gascoigne Frances Gascoigne Elizabeth Gascoigne Anne Gascoigne John Francis Gascoigne Francis John Gascoigne Sir Thomas Gascoigne XIX 3rd Baronet George Gascoigne XX John Gascoigne Catherine Gascoigne Helen Gascoigne


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Sir John Gascoigne XVII 1st Baronet June 1557  Anne Ingleby

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Anne Symonds  Mary Gascoigne
 Frances Gascoigne
 Elizabeth Gascoigne
 Anne Gascoigne
 John Francis Gascoigne
 Francis John Gascoigne
 Sir Thomas Gascoigne XIX 3rd Baronet
 George Gascoigne XX
 John Gascoigne
 Catherine Gascoigne
 Helen Gascoigne


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 26 April 1596
Death 3 May 1686 Lamspringe





NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Anne SymondsWife1661
Stephen TempestSon in-law
Elizabeth SheldonDaughter in-law
Mary WoodroffeDaughter in-law
Thomas ApplebySon in-law
Anne GascoigneDaughter1684
Elizabeth GascoigneDaughter
Frances GascoigneDaughter21 September 1708Cambrai
Mary GascoigneDaughter
Francis John GascoigneSon16211638
John Francis GascoigneSon16211660
Sir Thomas Gascoigne XIX 3rd BaronetSon16231698
George Gascoigne XXSon162914 October 1669
John GascoigneSon1635
Catherine GascoigneDaughter163717 May 1680
Helen GascoigneDaughter1639
Magdalen CurwenGranddaughter in-law
Helen ApplebyGranddaughter
Mary ApplebyGranddaughter
Sir Thomas Gascoigne XXI 4th BaronetGrandson16591718
Sir John Gascoigne XXII 5th BaronetGrandson29 August 16609 June 1723Bath, England
Mary WiddringtonGranddaughter in-law1671March 1722Parlington
Great Grandchildren
Elizabeth GascoigneGreat GranddaughterSeptember 1691
Robert GascoigneGreat Grandson
Mary GascoigneGreat Granddaughter11 June 1689
Elizabeth GascoigneGreat Granddaughter15 January 1694
Ann GascoigneGreat Granddaughter24 March 169518 November 1732Italy
Sir Edward Gascoigne XXIII 6th BaronetGreat Grandson9 January 1697Parlington31 May 1750Cambrai, France
Thomas GascoigneGreat Grandson16991699
Catherine GascoigneGreat Granddaughter27 April 1699
John GascoigneGreat Grandson17011701
Helen GascoigneGreat Granddaughter30 August 17021764Cambrai
John GascoigneGreat Grandson4 December 170629 June 1729
Helen GascoigneSister3 May 15951666
Mary GascoigneSister20 August 15971635
John GascoigneBrother31 October 15981681
Anne GascoigneSister22 January 1600
Katherine GascoigneSister1 March 160121 May 1676
Christiana GascoigneSister14 December 16021628
Michael GascoigneBrother31 January 16041657
Francis GascoigneBrother10 December 1605
Margaret GascoigneSister27 April 160716 August 1637
Anne InglebyMother20 June 1637
Sir John Gascoigne XVII 1st BaronetFatherJune 15573 May 1637Parlington
Maude, or Matilda ArthingtonGrandmother5 June 1611
John Gascoigne XVIGrandfather152029 July 1602Parlington
Great Grand Parents
Anne VavasourGreat Grandmother1554
John Gascoigne XIIIGreat Grandfather149020 November 1557
Brothers/Sisters in-law
Gilbert StapletonBrother in-law
Grand Uncles and Aunts
Alice GascoigneGrand Aunt
Anne GascoigneGrand Aunt
Elizabeth GascoigneGrand Aunt1614
Frances GascoigneGrand Aunt
George GascoigneGrand Uncle
Grace GascoigneGrand Aunt
Joan GascoigneGrand Aunt
Katherine GascoigneGrand Aunt
Robert GascoigneGrand Uncle
William GascoigneGrand Uncle
Thomas Gascoigne XIVGrand Uncle150919 January1566
Richard Gascoigne XVGrand Uncle15111592