Isabella Oliver-Gascoigne


Isabella Oliver-Gascoigne Richard Oliver Mary Turner Sir Charles Turner Mary Turner Sir Thomas Gascoigne 8th Baronet Mary Turner Colonel Frederick Charles Trench-Gascoigne Charles Trench Anna Maria White Colonel Richard Frederick, Thomas Trench-Gascoigne


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Richard Oliver 1763  Mary Turner 1783

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Colonel Frederick Charles Trench-Gascoigne May 1814  Colonel Richard Frederick, Thomas Trench-Gascoigne


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 21 March1810 Parlington England
Death 22 October 1891 Parlington UK





NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Colonel Frederick Charles Trench-GascoigneHusbandMay 1814Dublin22 June 1905Parlington
Laura Gwendolen Douglas GaltonDaughter in-law10 July 1949
Colonel Richard Frederick, Thomas Trench-GascoigneSonJuly 4 1851Parlington1937
Lorna Priscilla LeathamGranddaughter in-law1979
Arthur Fitzgerald Sandys Hill 6th Lord Sandys, Baron of OmbersleyGrandson in-law
Silvia WilderGranddaughter in-law
Sir Alvery Douglas, Frederick Trench-GascoigneGrandson6 August 189318 April 1970
Edward Oliver Trench-GascoigneGrandson9 July 189616 August 1896
Cynthia Mary Trench-GascoigneGranddaughter6 February 18981990
Great Grandchildren
Douglas Wilder Trench-GascoigneGreat Grandson1917Lotherton6 August 1944St. Charles De Percy War Cemetery, France
Yvonne Trench-GascoigneGreat Granddaughter5 May 1919Lotherton17 January 1973
Patricia Mary, Gwendolen HillGreat Granddaughter29 Mar 19268 June 1957
Hon Mrs Wingfield Cynthia Merriel HillGreat Granddaughter
Richard Michael Oliver Hill 7th Lord Sandys, Baron of OmbersleyGreat Grandson
Thomas Oliver-GascoigneBrother3 June 180624 April 1842
Richard Silver Oliver-GascoigneBrother1 January 1808Parlington25 December 1842
Elizabeth Oliver-GascoigneSister9 September 1812Parlington23 February 1893Montreux, Switzerland
Anna Maria WhiteMother in-law19 December 1847
Richard OliverFather1763Co Limerick, Ireland14 April 1843Parlington, England
Charles TrenchFather in-law17726 April 1840
Mary TurnerMother17831819
Sir Charles TurnerGrandfather172626 October 1783
Sir Thomas Gascoigne 8th BaronetGrandfather7 March 1745Cambrai17 February 1810Parlington
Mary TurnerGrandmother17521 Feb 1786
Great Grand Parents
James ShuttleworthGreat Grandfather
Brothers/Sisters in-law
Baron Frederick Mason AshtownBrother in-law
Uncle and Aunts
Tom GascoigneUncle7 January 178613 October 1809Walling Wells
Grand Uncles and Aunts
Mary GascoigneGrand Aunt2 February 17345 May 1756
Elizabeth Bridget GascoigneGrand Aunt8 October 17351749Cambrai
Catherine Mary GascoigneGrand Aunt14 September 173714 March 1745Cambrai
John Francis GascoigneGrand Uncle27 July 1741Parlington12 May 1748Cambrai
Sir Edward Gascoigne 7th BaronetGrand Uncle11 February 174316 June 1762Paris, France