Richard Gascoigne XV


Richard Gascoigne XV John Gascoigne XIII William Gascoigne XII Margaret Kighley Anne Vavasour


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 John Gascoigne XIII 1490  Anne Vavasour

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1511 Approximate birth date
Death 1592
Burial 5 October 1592





NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Alice GascoigneSister
Anne GascoigneSister
Elizabeth GascoigneSister1614
Frances GascoigneSister
George GascoigneBrother
Grace GascoigneSister
Joan GascoigneSister
Katherine GascoigneSister
Robert GascoigneBrother
William GascoigneBrother
Thomas Gascoigne XIVBrother150919 January1566
John Gascoigne XVIBrother152029 July 1602Parlington
Anne VavasourMother1554
John Gascoigne XIIIFather149020 November 1557
William Gascoigne XIIGrandfather1520
Margaret KighleyGrandmother
Great Grand Parents
William Gascoigne XGreat Grandfather1476
Jane BeckwithGreat Grandmother
Brothers/Sisters in-law
Maude, or Matilda ArthingtonSister in-law5 June 1611
Uncle and Aunts
Alice GascoigneAunt
William GascoigneUncle
Grand Uncles and Aunts
Isabella GascoigneGrand Aunt
Joan GascoigneGrand Aunt
Margaret GascoigneGrand Aunt
Mary GascoigneGrand Aunt
Thomas Gascoigne XIGrand Uncle29 September 1509
John GascoigneGrand Uncle14451471
Nephew & Nieces
Sir John Gascoigne XVII 1st BaronetNephewJune 15573 May 1637Parlington
Helen GascoigneGrand Niece3 May 15951666
Sir Thomas Gascoigne XVIII 2nd BaronetGrand Nephew26 April 15963 May 1686Lamspringe
Mary GascoigneGrand Niece20 August 15971635
John GascoigneGrand Nephew31 October 15981681
Anne GascoigneGrand Niece22 January 1600
Katherine GascoigneGrand Niece1 March 160121 May 1676
Christiana GascoigneGrand Niece14 December 16021628
Michael GascoigneGrand Nephew31 January 16041657
Francis GascoigneGrand Nephew10 December 1605
Margaret GascoigneGrand Niece27 April 160716 August 1637