Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

Each page on the site has a header picture, which is related to the topic of that page. So I reasoned that to make a new way of viewing the content, it might help to see the pictures, in no particular order, then you might like to view that section. Currently there are six pages of these pictures, a few images have been omitted as they do not have the same aspect ratio. 

The Dark Arch

The Dark Arch, built in 1812-13 to shield the family from the passing coal traffic

1930's Triumphal Arch

Pictures from a collection taken in the 1930's

MW Empress 1920's

Manning Wardle Empress in the early twentieth century

Fish Pond

The fish pond, a garden feature

Evidence of the Bridge over the Fish Pond

A small footbridge was a feature of the fish pond, identified here


The Folly, Parlington. Built from the former Chancel wall of St Mary's Church Garforth

Lake by Gamekeeper's Cottage

The lake by the Gamekeepers Cottage, Parlington Lane

Fountain, Cedar of Lebanon 1860's

View of the garden and fountain from the Dining Room around 1860

Gardens House

The Gardens House, a purpose built garden produce centre

Glass Artifacts

Stained glass

World War Two Halftrack

Ice House

The entrance to the Ice House