Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

Each page on the site has a header picture, which is related to the topic of that page. So I reasoned that to make a new way of viewing the content, it might help to see the pictures, in no particular order, then you might like to view that section. Currently there are six pages of these pictures, a few images have been omitted as they do not have the same aspect ratio. 

1952 NMR Centre Section Circa 1730's

National Monuments Record Photographs 1952

1952 NMR Full View of the Hall Remains

National Monuments Record Photographs 1952

1930's On the Hall Roof

Fred Selby, daughter and friend on the roof of the old hall

Relief Channel from the Lake

Former Lake, remains of the overflow channel

Hand Painted Plaster

Hand painted wall decoration from the eighteenth century

Weimar Porcelain Cup Location

Weimar Porcelain

Figurine Location

Porcelain Figurine

Triumphal Arch Inscription

Inscription Liberty in N America Triumphant MDCCLXXXIII

Pieces of Stone Cornice

Bay window wall, low stone courses

Shire Horses

Riding the Shire Horses

St Ricarius Church, Aberford

Aberford market cross

1930's Stable Block

Stables Block around the 1930's