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The Servants circa 1861

Perhaps the most striking discovery that has occurred in respect of the servants who worked at Parlington is the story of John Shelton, who was a butler at Parlington in 1861, his details can be seen on the extract of the 1861 census below.

The full sory of John Shelton, the Stereo viewer shown at the head of this page and the stereo photographs, is contained in the Artifacts section

The Servants circa 1908

The photograph below, taken around 1908 is of the servants of the house along with the Gamekeeper, Alexander Hickmott [seated on the left] Four other characters in the picture are known; behind Hickmott is his wife Florence, and seated on the right is Louis Hawkett[1] with his wife a daughter next to him. It was thought that the photograph was taken at Parlington, although no-one new where, however close observation of the window cill on the extreme right clearly identifies the location as the West Wing, the east elevation, see the close up of the the cill from 1908 and today.


Census Check 1901

Since the picture above came to light, I have investigated the characters in the photograph and think they are as follows; but first, from the 1901 census, some seven or so years earlier, there are six servants recorded at Parlington, along with the old Colonel Frederick Charles Trench-Gascoigne, aged 86. Bear in mind Isabella his wife had died in 1891, ten years earlier, and her sister Elizabeth an occasional resident at Parlington had died in 1893, leaving the estate at Lotherton to the old Colonel's son, (Frederick Richard Trench-Gascoigne), by 1901 he and his wife were at Lotherton.

Census Data

  • Annie Harwood, [S], Cook, aged 41 b: Binderson?, Sussex
  • May Barlow, [S], Housemaid, aged 21, b: Alfreton, Derbys
  • Mary H Jackson, [S], Still room Maid, aged 22, b: Grosmont, Yorks
  • Louis Hawkett, [S], Groom, aged 29, b: Woodchurch, Kent
  • Edward I Griffin, [S], Footman, aged 25, b: Woolwich, Kent
  • William J Kingswell, [Wid], Butler, aged 39, b: Ventnor, Isle of W

Analysis from the Data

I think Kingswell (Butler) is the man, second left on the back row of the servants, we know that the man seated on the left front row is Alexander Hickmott (Gamekeeper), with his wife behind him? Annie Harwood (Cook) is seated in the centre, then Louis Hawkett (Groom, later to become Chauffeur) is on the right, with wife seated next to him and daughter standing. Edward Griffin (Footman) is on the back row with his arms folded, at the penulimate right end, leaving the two younger ladies, May Barlow (Housemaid) and Mary Jackson (Still Room? Maid), but I don't have an idea who is who! Bear in mind that the census is probably seven years or more before the photograph, so Louis Hawkett was still single at the time of the census, whereas he has a child by the time of the picture, and I believe she was not the first born, two others I think had pre-deceased her!!

East Elevation Today

Window Cill Close up

Many of the family heirlooms and even parts of the building fabric, such as marble fireplaces were dismantled and taken to Lotherton Hall, to be prominent features in the re-modelling of the house in the early twentieth century. Significant pieces of the structure were also moved, around 1930[3], to provide a feature garden at Lotherton, suitably titled the Parlington Gardens. The centre piece was the old Porte Cochère, pictured below. A fountain similar to that which had been the focus of the gardens at the old hall was also built as part of the new Parlington Gardens

Alexander Hickmott, Gamekeeper

Additional information has come to light since the first posting of the picture of the servants, above. A relative of Alexander Hickmott [seated on the left] , gave me this information: Alexander Horace Hickmott is my second cousin three times removed - whatever that means! Our common link is his great grandfather Russell Hickmott who is my fourth great grandfather.

Well, Murray who lives in Canada then provided me with the following data. Alexander died in 1949 in Barskton Ash, [Near Scarthingwell Golf Course, just so you know where it is] his son Guy served in WW1 as a machine gunner and he was married to a Adelaide Richardson in 1929 Tadcaster Reg [Registery Office]. And he died in 1956 aged about 57 in the Don Valley area. [Sheffield, Rotherham vicinity]


The deaths of people who had first hand knowledge of Parlington in its heyday, occurred literally within my life time, but sadly I was only to discover the old place decades later! Further information on Alexander from Murray is as follows: Alexander Horace HICKMOTT was born on 17 April 1859 in Frant, Sussex.
1881 census Alexander is a servant at 'Gridge Castle', [I suspect that should be Eridge Castle, pictured here, a great collection of pictures of the place.] Frant, Sussex.
1891 census he is a groundskeeper living with brother Harry a gameskeeper at Birk Cottage, South Weald, Essex.

1901 census he is married to Florence and has a son Guy R. age 2. He is now Head Gamekeeper, Parlington Kennels, Parlington, West Riding York. Parents: Frederick HICKMOTT and Mary TURNER.
Spouse: Florence DODSON. Florence DODSON and Alexander Horace HICKMOTT were married about December 1893 in Doncaster, Co. Yorkshire. Children were: Guy Reginald HICKMOTT.

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[1] The servants photograph, was provided by the Curator of Lotherton Hall, Dr Adam White, he obtained a copy from the former chauffeur to the Gascoignes, Bill Burlingham. The man, Louis Hawkett, seated on the right was Bill's predecessor in the job. Although at that time he was the coachman.[ Back ]

[3] The gardens at Lotherton were the subject of a research document by Mette Eggen in 1987, her findings point to the establishment of the Parlington Gardens in the early 1930's. Additional evidence on the demolition photographs taken by the National Monuments Record, suggest that the demolition was carried out in two stages, the 1930's and 1952.[ Back ]
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[4] Believed to be the 13th Leeds N.E. Group, these pictures were kindly provided by David Teal, he has a web site about his old house Chapel Cottage in Stutton, not far from Aberford.[ Back ]

A further snippet of evidence, again provided by David Teal, is an article in the Leeds paper The Skyrack Courier in 1910, Titled Scouts at Parlington Park
A Merry Time at the Old Hall

[Click Note for Transcript]


The foregoing narrative from the Skyrack Courier is just so informative of the time, that I had to transcribe it all, for you, the readers to appreciate!

Particularly interesting is that Colonel Gascoigne, [Richard, that is, living at Lotherton] was able to accommodate around 100 Territorials in the Old Hall, that's a lot of people, and no mention of whether the scouts stayed over as well!

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