The Large Lake

The lake is situated adjacent to the Gamekeepers Cottage on the north side of Parlington Lane, it is larger than the Fish Pond described here, like the Fish Pond it is undoubtedly man made.

The Lake Looking towards the inflow

Lake near Gamekeepers Cottage

The lake is a popular location for visiting Herons, as it has a plentiful supply of fish, no doubt an irritation to the local angling club.

The lake has an unsual spur which stretches towards the Deer Park, the purpose of this feature is not known but a number of suggestions have been made, mostly to do with traditional means of catching ducks or perhaps other sporting activities. The lake takes the water from the stream running through the Bathingwell Plantation and the flow continues on to the Fish Pond beyond the wall on the opposite side of Parlington Lane, it is reputed to run beneath the Gamekeepers Cottage.

Lillies in Flower

The lake

It is possible that the lake was used in part, for the production of coal gas. A small gas works used to exist adjacent to the Gamekeepers cottage, it was sited behind the stone wall parallel to Parlington Lane, also forming part of the boundary to the GameKeeepers Cottage.

The early production of gas used a technique of carbonization and partial pyrolysis of coal, whereby the coal was heated in the absence of oxygen, the resultant off gases being collected and stored for use at the nearby Hall, it may be that the presence of a supply of water would have greatly assisted the safety of the technique, but was not probably used as part of the production (Hydrous pyrolysis).

Gamekeepers Cottage

Gamekeepers Cottage

The gas works were behind the wall in the extreme right of the picture of the Gamekeepers Cottage.

To the rear of the cottage were the kennels for the dog pack used for hunting, they were demolished some years ago.

Dog Kennels

The chimneys (5) on the roof at the rear of the picture are those of the Gamekeepers Cottage.

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Parlington Hall in the late Nineteenth century. Taken from a photograph provided
by the Garforth Historical Society.