Notes on the Photos

These stylized photos are from around Boston Spa and Clifford, situated in West Yorkshire, both places steeped in history and offering great human scale architecture. I wanted some shots of the former spa, so whilst in the vicinity it seemed sensible to take a collection of views! Hope you like them, also I am trying out a small image programme called Visual lightBox for displaying slideshows, seems excellent, this is the free version, if it works well I'll buy the full version!

The Spa pictures are self evident, on the fourth row down, other pictures are a mixture of public places and some private houses, taken because I love the vernacular architecture. One great example is the slight bow of the Georgian Window on the second row.

around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 1 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 2 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 3 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 4 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 5 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 6 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 7 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 8 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 9 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 10 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 11 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 12 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 13 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 14 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 15 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 16 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 17 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 18 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 19 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 20 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 21 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 22 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 23 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 24 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 25 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 26 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 27 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 28 around_boston_spa_river_wharfe 29

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