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The header picture is from a postcard of the cottage adjacent to the former mill at the end of Cattle Lane, opposite the Swan Inn in the centre of Aberford, it is post marked 1904. Sadly its rather dark, and lifting the brightness does not do much in the way of improving the detail. At the time the stone house was called 'Ivy Cottage', given the liberal covering of creeper all over the elevation the name is most appropriate. The card was found on eBay, and to be truthful it had been offered a number of times, but at a rather unrealistic starting price. The last time out it was offered at a much more realistic starting point, so I made the only bid for it, and here it is, for all to see.

The first time I saw it I instinctively new where it was, but I was not able to make out much of the roadway on the left of the picture. On receipt of the card viewing it under a loop the detail was clear. The roadway shows the stone wall which bounds the Swan Inn and beyond is the former estate wall, behind which Parlington Secondary School stood, built from the earlier remnants of the army camp from World War II.

100% Scale view of Cattle Lane

Cattle Lane

The foreground shows two boys playing outside the entrance to the barn, there is a stone pier and to the right a gate post with the usual cappings found on other pieces of the estate masonry. Built around a large tree on the northern roadside is the stone boundary wall which still, without the piers and the splay to the entrance, remains to this day. The lump in the yard is a haystack, with a canvas sheet over it. Also but barely visible is a pump handle from a standing water pump behind the right hand pier.

Similar View of Cattle Lane in 2009

Cattle Lane, 2009

Strikingly the kerbside from the earlier picture, which is opposite the cyclist in the modern image, is at least 18 inches high! A mini retaining wall, just like the pavements along the Main Street in Aberford at Moon Hill and the location of the former Rose & Crown.

Beyond 'Ivy Cottage' is a farm building, a barn, this today has been converted into a detached house.

The Barn circa 1900

Cattle Lane, 1900

The Barn 2009

Cattle Lane, 2009

The lower picture of the barn shows the only remaining gate post to the left of the car, which was on the right side of the entrance to the barn, it can just be made out at the end of the timber paling fence in the postcard.

Ivy Cottage Elevation circa 1900

Ivy Cottage 1900

Passing along Cattle Lane today, the cottage is lost behind a shielding hedge of leylandi or similar, so few of its charming architectural details are evident, aside that is, from the window on the gable in the roof space. This has been partly replaced, the original had small rectangular leaded lights, possibly leaded into a bounding iron frame or perhaps simply the perimeter lead sweated into a rebate in the stone mullions, cills and head. The arched heads of the two pieces, with the small infill opening above, would have been very pretty in its original form, but sadly having none of the insulating values of its modern day replacement!

Ivy Cottage Elevation 2009

Ivy Cottage 1900

The ground floor reveals a porch with an arched entrance and a castellated parapet, either side of the entrance are what looks like faked medieval firing slots in the form of a cross. Either side of the entrance are two stone mullioned windows, which in earlier times had the same small rectangular leaded lights.

The cottage was sold at the major auction on 2nd October 1964 at the direction of Mrs Yvonne Studd-Trench-Gascoigne, along with many other Gascoigne properties, it was lot 9, described as Swan Farm (Mill Farm) along with 111.108 acres.

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