Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Anthony Christian Exhibition

Parlington Hall :: The Estate :: Oil Paintings, by Anthony Christian

Progressing along the Flyline towards Garforth, during May, almost everyone is impressed by nature's display of bluebells. So delightful are they on a sunny day that you could sink into the blue and green carpet and lost in a dream world imagine the old train chugging up the line to Aberford, alas your reverie is shattered by the swish of modern all-terrain mountain bikes and riders encapsulated in lycra with strange plastic head gear, frantically pedalling by! As quickly as they arrived they are gone, you can contemplate again; in a way that is how you situate yourself and commence painting. The result is the three paintings you find on this page.

Bluebells on the Flyline One, Parlington

Knobbley Tree, Parlington

Bluebells on the Flyline Two, Parlington

Bluebells, Parlington

Bluebells on the Flyline Three, Parlington

Bluebells, Parlington