Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Anthony Christian Exhibition

Parlington Hall :: The Estate :: Oil Paintings, by Anthony Christian

Again we have stepped only a short distance in our visualisation of the locations of the paintings, the upper painting here, is the well used stile taking walkers from Parlington Lane into what is locally termed Parlington Park.

Arriving at the Stile, Parlington

Arriving at the Stile Parlington

There is evidence of this area, the park, being used by parties of visitors in the late nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth. Naturally permission had to be obtained, from the estate manager, on behalf of Colonel and Mrs Gascoigne. A visitors book recently came to light and it schedules visitors spanning 1898 to 1908. Visiting was subject to observing the estate rules, an example of these was rule #1 No horses or donkeys to be tied up to the Trees, Gates, or Fences either inside or outside the Park. A full article about the outings can be viewed here.

People walk along Parlington Lane and some are no doubt aware that in the nineteenth and first quarter of the twentieth centuries, a railway line shared the route between Aberford and the Gamekeeper's cottage, thereafater the roadway continues to Throstle Nest and on to the junction with the Garforth-Barwick road at Laverack Cottage. The railway swung to the west and south, along what became known as the Flyline, on to the Collieries at Garforth. However something that few people appreciate, the railway did not follow the route of the roadway, the two coincided at the Light Arch, but elsewhere the road was to separate, also the gradients found on the roadway were too changeable for a railway line, so the track took a more consistent route. To this end, the location of the style was formerly the position of a wooden bridge which allowed people to cross over the railway into the Park. The rail track ran in the cutting behind the estate wall, some eight feet below the roadway.

A Walk Across the Field, Parlington

A Walk Across the Field Parlington

The third painting is the view that is presented to you as you press on from the stile initially down the dip to the shallow valley bottom, over the culvert carrying the River Crow, and then up the gentle slope towards the drive. The Triumphal Arch remains hidden from view beyond the field boundary on the left, until you are nearer the driveway.