Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Anthony Christian Exhibition

Parlington Hall :: The Estate :: Oil Paintings, by Anthony Christian

We return here to the line of trees on the north side of the field which runs parallel to Parlington Lane. Although not obvious today, in the past a footpath followed the line of the stone wall that bounds the field. It ran from the short passage between South Lodge Farm and the Methodist Church in Aberford, all the way to Parlington Hall, I believe it was called Lovers Walk. The trees in this area are quite old, probably two hundred years plus and they sport many knarled and knotted contortions on the their trunks. They are Lime trees, which may be very long lived, part of the Tilia genus and are also called linden in Europe.

Who's Watching Who at, Parlington

Who's watching who at, Parlington

The first painting is a scene you are likely to encounter, if you stop and look at the herd of cows grazing the pasture, they eye you cautiously in a ponderous manner, uncertain of how to react. The wall across the field is the boundary to Parlington Lane, if you had stood in this location between 1870 and 1924 you might have caught sight of the train travelling behind the wall between Aberford and Garforth, it's rumbling steel wheels on the old rail lines and the hiss of the steam engine would have echoed across the valley.

A road less travelled, Parlington

A road less travelled, Parlington

The second picture, is a great example of the knarled trunks of the trees in this area, the set of thirty includes many more of this genre.

A Row of Trees, Parlington

A road less travelled, Parlington

The row of Lime trees, with windfallen braches strewn around the base of each. This view is looking back towards the corn field, to the south and east of the Triumphal Arch, to the left are the remains of the stone wall, which adds to the debris lying around the trees.