Friday, October 22, 2021
Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Anthony Christian Exhibition

Parlington Hall :: The Estate :: Oil Paintings, by Anthony Christian

The collection largely features scenes familiar to those who walk through the pathways of the old Parlington Estate and of course the famous Triumphal Arch is to be found on three of the paintings, but there are two taken from the Barwick road before it winds down the hill past the former lodge house and over the Cock Beck at the Ass Bridge. These are featured here, the first at sunset, the second on a stormy evening. The road leading to Barwick in Elmet from Aberford, is an area that has again caught the eye of earlier creatives, I have an excellent early postcard by Parkinson and Roy (A Leeds Photographic Studio in the pre First World War) which shows the road resplendently, lined with huge beech trees, sadly cut down in more recent times, for safety reasonsÉ hmm!

Sunset over Barwick in Elmet

Tree Window 1, Parlington

Storm over Barwick in Elmet

Tree Window 2, Parlington