Landscape near Round Building

Approaching the round building from the south east.

Collapsed Arch

View towards the south west side of the structure.

Close Up

Collapsed section of the round building.

Weathered Stonework

The limestone from local estate quarries is fairly soft and in the exposed location has suffered.

Blank Arch

One of the blank panels, with a hole worn through it.

Blank Panel

Another hole, even larger through the panel wall.

South East Arch

View through the south east arch to the north west arch and beyond, the drive.

North East Arch

North east arch and adjacent blank arch, still in poor condition but less weathered than others.

North East Arch

Each of the openings has a stone threshold, this can be seen here.

North East Arch

The stonework of the walls generally finishes only in a partial course above the keystone.

Head of an Arch

Stonework of the head of one of the blank arches.

From South West

View back towards the building from the south west.