Serious Erosion Round Building

February 2006 up close erosion of the round building stonework.

Sunlit Stonework

The round building in February 2006, with the sun lighting up ists stonework.

Two Blank Arches

Two blank panels, 18th February 2006, showing some of the original ashlar facing still extant.

Close Up

The lime mortar joints, close up.

Stone Thresholds

Entrance thresholds February 2006.

North West Arch

View from north west arch towards the Triumphal Arch, February 2006.

A Hole in the Wall

Glancing through a hole in the wall.

South West Arch

The sun at sunset Saturday 4:40pm 18th February 2006, from the south looking towards the round building.

Collapsed Arch

January 2010 discovery of the collapsed wall.

Collapsed Arch

Collapsed section of the round building, wall stones as they fell.

View From South

Friday 10th October 2008, after doing internal panorama shots.

Collapsed Walls

Sunday 10th October 2010, still nothing done about the collapse.