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Where Did the Train Go!

A similar train to the Manning Wardle Empress can be seen at the York Railway Museum

Most people believe the tunnel was the route of the train, this is completely wrong, the tunnel pre-dated the train, by almost 60 years, and pre-dated the forerunner of the train, the horse drawn wagonway by around 20 years. At the time the tunnel was being constructed, coal wagons and for that matter any other traffic would have been horse drawn.

The tunnel allowed traffic along Parlington Lane to pass without disturbing the lifestyle of the Gascoigne family, no doubt the roadway and stonework would have been kept in first rate condition, sadly today the whole area is overgrown and much work is needed to maintain the walls of the estate. It is rumored that during the period of Colonel Frederick Gascoigne, after 1850, a game of cricket being played on the lawns was disrupted, when the Colonels 'Whites' were spoiled by soot! The train driver was required to report to the Hall to explain! The Colonel is reputed to have given him a severe reprimand! How times change!

This invoice which is signed at the foot by John Heaton to receipt his being paid, it was to the account of Gaforth Colliery and was at the former Coal Staith (Depot) Offices at the end of Parlington Lane, the property still stands and these paper artifacts, were discovered in the roof space some years ago, mostly nibbled by rodents! Nathan Lock an employee of John Heaton was working for ½ a day on 19th June 1858, whitewashing at the Depot House, (it's still whitewashed to this day). John Heaton was Colouring the office and repairing fireplaces and of particular interest is that on 28 September John Heaton and a labourer spent ½ a day repairing the Dark Arch wall!

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