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Lakeside Cottage

The header image shows one of the stereo photos, attributed to John Shelton, see the Artifacts Section, it is an albumin [or albumen, egg white] print, a process invented in 1850 by Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard Wikipedia Entry here. The shot is of Lakeside Cottage looking south from the opposite bank of the lake. The modern image below is the same elevation as it is today.

Lakeside Cottage

This photo reveals a number of key differences from the early stereo picture, of around 140 years ago. Enlarged below to highlight the differences.

Craignish Gardens

Firstly the cottage was thatched at that time, secondly it has had in recent years an extra floor added on the wing to the right in the picture, also the porch to the entrance has now gone and also the veranda has been removed. The supporting pillars of the veranda look to be rough timber trunks, a feature which is found on the estate cottage, which is of similar appearance, at the entrance to the estate on Parlington Drive. Also it looks as if the original finish to the external walls was a white lime wash.

Evidence has recently been uncovered, during renovations, where some of the roof structure shows signs of fire damage. Perhaps this is the reason that the thatched roof was replaced, following a fire, but I don't know when!

Parlington Drive Cottage, a Similar Style

Parlington Drive Cottage

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Stereoscopic Images a British invention by Sir Charles Wheatstone and "stereoscope"

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