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Craignish Castle, Argyleshire

Craignish Castle, one of a stereo pair taken around 1860, could the two people outside the entrance be Isabella and husband Frederick?

Craignish Entrance

After the sisters, Isabella and Elizabeth Gascoigne inherited the English and Irish estates in 1843, there was a period of considerable philanthropic building work, the almshouses in Aberford being the most prominent. However with the marriage in 1850 by Isabella to Frederick Trench and then two years later Elizabeth to Baron Ashtown, the estates were divided, and Castle Oliver, that had been the recipient of substantial re-building in Ireland came under the auspicies of Elizabeth and her husband, thereupon Isabella and Frederick sort their own retreat in Scotland and purchased Craignish in Argyleshire for £26,000 This estate was retained by the Gascoigne family into the twentieth century, before, like many other assets being sold off. There are a collection of stereo photographs from around the 1860's which will be added into a new section in the near future, these images are unique in showing Craignish as it was in the nineteenth century after the extensive work carried out by the Gasoignes'.

Craignish and Gardener

The castle on its rock foundation, dominates the low lying gardens and for this picture the photographer chose to feature a young garden labourer in the foreground.


Another view of the main elevation of the castle, showing its dominance over the surrounding terrain, giving a hint to the original purpose of the square Keep to prevent attack by marauders, it is believed the tower [Still in existence today] has walls over 9' 0" thick.

Craignish Chapel

The chapel designed by George Fowler-Jones for the Gascoignes' located near the castle.

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Stereoscopic Images a British invention by Sir Charles Wheatstone and "stereoscope"

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