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The header image shows one of the stereo photos, it is an albumin [or albumen, egg white] print, a process invented in 1850 by Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard Wikipedia Entry here. the remaining page pictures are from around the estate, including some pictures of servants.

Craignish Gardeners

This photo features the same young man as on page 1 along with a more senior gardener, sporting a chin only beard. Behind the two characters is a floral display mounted on a pedestal and in the foreground is a wicker basket containing some cut flowers perhaps.

Craignish Gardens

Looking over the garden below from the castle entrance area.

Craignish Gardens

Another view of the main elevation of the castle, from the gardens, taken I think from the opposite point of view from the picture above.

Craignish Servants

A view of two servants carrying a basket on an estate road.

Craignish Servants

Whether the property shown in this view forms part of the castle structure is unclear, it may be an estate house, but given the castellation of the parapet wall it seems unlikely to be an estate workers cottage. The lady in the foreground looks like a housekeeper, you can just make out a second person in the doorway, above the crook formed by the housekeeper's left arm as it rests on the tree trunk.

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The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, have some details of Craignish Castle at the following link


Stereoscopic Images a British invention by Sir Charles Wheatstone and "stereoscope"

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