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Castle Oliver, County Limerick, Ireland

The family home of the Oliver family was inherited in 1799 by Richard Oliver the eldest son of Right Hon Silver Oliver. Later when he married Mary the step-daughter of Sir Thomas Gascoigne in 1804 he would not have imagined that only six years on, he would be bequethed a lifetime interest in the Gascoigne estates. Therefore the estates of both families were combined after 1810.

Castle Oliver

Castle Oliver was re-built after the death of Richard Oliver Gascoigne in 1843, by his two surviving daughters, Isabella and Elizabeth. The architect George Fowler-Jones, fashioned on their behalf a new castle in the Scottish Baronial style.

A chronicler of the time is believed to have stated, It is much to be regretted that no record has been left to us of the great work done by these two remarkable ladies on their estate at Clonodfoy, County Limerick, during the great Irish famine. It was not only that they spent every penny they could get, even selling the collections of many years, sometimes, as it would seem, far below their value, in order to feed the starving people; but they gave ungrudgingly their whole time and labour and thoughts to the same object, and saved many lives. It is to be feared that their self-sacrificing work did not receive the recognition that it deserved at the hands of those whom it was meant to benefit. [Memoir of the Trench Family, T. R. F. Cooke-Trench p112]

With the foregoing in mind it is thought that the new castle was a source of considerable work for the local population.

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