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The Modern Story of the Ice House

The header picture is a part of a schematic drawing of some ideas I had about increasing the interest in Parlington. Broadly speaking the country derives a considerable income from the long heritage of these islands, people are interested in our heritage not least because it is often a part of their ancestry. I have readers as far flung as Indonesia and Australia, one thing they have in common is ancestors who once worked, played, were born or died at Parlington. I have been amazed at the widespread interest in the topic, and over the last eight years or so have sought to extract as much history as is possible from the remains of Parlington Hall, with no other purpose than to set out a record of what once was a place of considerable local influence and was far from the quiet backwater it is these days.

A few years ago it struck me that I could suggest to the estate owners an idea for converting the old ice house into an attraction for people interested in the history of the area. I have only mentioned my idea to a few people as I was keen to keep the thing under wraps until the proposal was either accepted or conversely, kicked into the long grass! Sadly I have to report the long grass has it! Therefore I decided to set out my plans here to see if it is possible through the power and reach of the Internet to get the Prudential to re-consider the position.

My plan is as follows; to open up the Ice House by altering the small entrance, cleaning out the interior, providing a floor at the entance level with a spiral staircase down to the base of the structure. Externally to provide a platform area, in the form of a decking system, for visitors to relax and sit in the woodland, whilst waiting to enter the ice house or to relax and enjoy the location after their visit. Additional facilities could be introduced based on demand; food and drinks, etc.

The purpose of the plan is to provide a permanent location to house the artefacts and information I have uncovered over these last eight years. The site would be open in the summer months only, it would use little resources to complete, as most of the work is already done in the form of the ice house itself. It might prevent the structure from the likely fate that over took the other ice house near Home Farm. The roof was smashed in because the structure was thought to be unsound! Thereafter it was filled with debris.

Parlington Lane which passes a few yards from the ice house is a popular local walk and would be considerably enhanced by a stopping point, I am convinced that people would enjoy the opportunity to see a real ice house in all its glory, further enhanced by the information I have gathered about the old hall and its inhabitants. Just the sight of the domed roof is a treat in itself.

Ice House Roof Brickwork

Proposal Sketch Details

Below are a series of sketch details created in Google Sketchup Pro an excellent 3D creation application, which also has a free version, so check it out here.

The First picture shows the deck in relation to the ice house, with a new doorway. The ice house is shown in section to indicate how the floor and stairway are integrated. There are details missing for clarity, i.e. the balustrading around the staircase!

The second image is taken looking at the inside of the ice house and its relationship to the new stairway, floor and external decking, naturally the sub-surface is not shown for clarity, and again the ice house is in section.

A pdf file of the idea is available here [The file is quite big 5.3MB]. The document sets out the concept in more detail and explains such things as access points. If you think the idea is worth persuing let me know!


The likelyhood of the project happening is not good, but unless we press the estate owners, we will certainly not see it happen! Contact me here

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