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The Boathouse at the Former Lake

The red line in the header image above indicates the approximate water level in the boathouse located on the left and the overflow channel in the centre, at the north end of the Lake.

Key Plan of the Former Lake

Click here for a larger plan of the lake. I recommend opening the plan view alongside the main window if you have sufficient screen resolution to follow the various points covered about the former lake.

The plan shows five key areas of interest denoted A-E:
(A) The location of the folly L3, boathouse L2, waterfall L5, dam & overflow channel L6, and footbridge L7.
(B) Bridge over the eastern end of the lake L8.
(C) Promitory with feature crags and planted trees L8.
(D) Bridge over the Cock Beck at the start of the lake L9.
(E) Lakeside cottage on the south side of the lake L9.

Detail at Position A

The Boathouse (1)

The boathouse, indicated by the red square, was at the edge of the man made overflow channel, the foundations of the boathouse can be seen in the animated picture below and further down the page is a sketch of how the scene looked back in the nineteenth century. The header picture is taken from approximately the same angle as the sketch.

Foundation area of Boathouse Today

Victorian Sketch of the Lake and Boathouse

Below is an extract from the 'Garforth Observer' circa 1884, kindly provided by the Garforth Historical Society.

The Boat House Parlington Lake

The verse by J. P. H. (Unknown poet) is set out below:


Nestling amid o'er-arching trees
	The boat-house sleeps;
Lulled by the whis'pring of the breeze,
That steals like lovers' reveries,
Over the lake's calm, crystal deeps!

O! 'tis a lone and tranquil spot,
	where cowslips dwell;
And many a blue forget-me-not,
And many a bright and beautiful plot,
Of daisy, primrose, and harebell!

Wild hyacinths and woodbine sweet,
	Bloom all around;
It seems a place where fairies meet,
And trip the sward with aery feet,
While Oberon in sleep is drowned!

And bark! upon the ambient air,
	Low songs are welling;
That tell of joy which we can share
When all alone and floating there,
Upon the water's silent swelling!

Bright scenes in other lands that smile,
	I can recall;
But Parlington! thy lake and isle;
Thy waterfall and ruined pile,
To me are brighter than them all!

				J. P. H.

Click here for a larger view of the boathouse sketch.

Continued on L3.

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