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The Best View of the Folly?

The header picture was taken in 1882, it show a man wearing a bowler hat sitting inside the folly; the stone chancel window frame from St Mary's Garforth, comprising the folly wall beyond the subject, and an attached column in the near foreground. Who the individual is... we will probably never know. A small spooky addition is the gargoyle sitting on the window opening, just above to the right of the bowler hat!

Close up of the Gargoyle

Schematic view of the stone gutters

The gargoyle has 3 eyes! the third in the middle of its forehead, also on the window opening looks like a small embossed stone shamrock.

Utilising the same key plan from the earlier pages, the folly, generally described on L3 of this section

Key Plan of the Former Lake

Click here for a larger plan of the lake.

Aberford Cottage Garden Society

By the kind permission of Colonel Gascoigne the committee of the Aberford Cottage Gardening Society were allowed, for the first time on Saturday [16th August 1873] to hold their annual exhibition at Parlington Lake. A fair measure of success attended the show, but the visitors would doubtless have been more numerous, considering the beauty of the locality, had the weather been less threatening. The exhibition tent was pitched on the margin of the lake on the opposite side of the water from the head gamekeeper's pretty cottage [Lakeside Cottage, marked E on the plan]. There was a very creditable collection of plants, flowers fruits and vegetables, the exhibits of the honorary members of the society more particularly showing much excellency. This class of exhibitors consisted of Colonel Gascoigne, Miss Scholfield, the Vicar of Aberford, Mrs Wharton, Colonel Markham, Mr Bloome, Mr S. Rishworth, and Mr Green.

A brass band from Kippax was present, and produced during the afternoon and evening some enlivening music, but the great attraction in this kind of entertainment was that supplied by a party of vocalists styling themselves, The Wandering Minstrels. These singers, mostly members of the Leeds Private Vocal Society, gave several glees [musical composition] and park songs with admirable taste and effect. A number of the visitors were occupied in boating on the lake.

For the exhibition prizes open for tradesmen twenty entered, and in the cottagers' class twentyfive. The judges were Mr Bard of Parlington; Mr Gough of Potterton; and Mr Lake, Hazelwood Castle; and following is a list of the principal prize takers:- Fruit (tradesmen's classes): Pears, J Carnell; dessert apples, J Beanland; baking do., [ditto] W. Cockren; raspberries, C. Young; basket of fruit, R. Brooks. Cottagers: baking apples, T. Hick; strawberries, J Lock; raspberries, L. Hick; gooseberries, J. Mollitt; white currants, J Mollitt; red do., T. Hick; black do., T. Malhere; basket of fruit, T. Hick. Flowers (tradesmen): roses, R. Brooks; dahlias, J. Hainsworth; hollyhocks, J. Hainsworth; French marrigolds, R. Brooks; African do., C. Young; pansies, C. Young; verbenas, J. Hainsworth; stocks, J. Hainsworth; asters, C. Young; window plants, W. Wilson; bouquet of flowers, C. Young. Cottagers: roses, J. Lock; dahlia, P. Hick; hollyhocks, J. Mollitt; French marigolds, J. Lock; African do., P. Hick; pansies, T. Malham; verbenas, P. Hick; stocks, do.,; asters, L. Hick; window plants, C. Jowett; bouquet of flowers, W. Cockren; design in wild flowers, S. Scott. The following were the chief winners in the tradesmen's vegetable classes; R. Brooks, J. Beanland, C. Young, F. Fowler, J. Varley, J. Hainsworth, J. Carnell, J. Moore, H. Young, T. Naylor, and J. Heaton; and in cottagers, J. Blake, G. Wilson, G. Barratt, J. Lock, P. Hick, R. Stead, S. Scott, R. Nutton, J. Mollitt, W. Cockren, T. Malham, T. Hick, and C. Jowett. Best cultivated garden, T. Hick 2 R. Nutton, 3 J. Teale, and highly commended, G. Wilson. A number of extra prizes were given by Mrs Gascoigne, Mrs Shawe, and others.

Whew! typing that prize winner section up was no joke!

For details of Lakeside Cottage go here in the Estate Houses section.

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