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The header image of the Waterfall on an island, in the former lake.

The waterfall is directly north of the folly, where a black line crosses the thin strip of blue on a bend which then joins the beck.

Area Denoted by (A) on the Plan of the Lake

The Waterfall (3)

The waterfall is described in the poem which accompanies the sketch on the first page of this Lake section, the final stanza, thus:

Bright scenes in other lands that smile,
	I can recall;
But Parlington! thy lake and isle;
Thy waterfall and ruined pile,
To me are brighter than them all!

				J. P. H.

Without the poem it would never enter your mind that a waterfall existed as a part of the lake. My initial thought on visiting the area was that the shrubbery which abounds on the rocks which comprise the waterfall was part of the boathouse. But after receiving the cutting of the sketch it was obvious that this could not be the case. However I did not on my early visits to the folly have the opportunity to cross the beck and was therefore unable to see how the waterfall was constructed.

Detail of the Rocks which form the Waterfall

The centre of the picture, although not clear in this photo is comprised of courses of sharp edged stones, forming a vee shape, below the massive flat stones above on the lip of the fall.

Line of the Waterfall

The picture below seeks to explain the route of the waterfall, the folly can be seen in the top distance on the photo, the red line indicates the profile of the water running down the bank into the channel with the water in the bottom as noted by the blue fill. The level of the beck was as the general level found today, as the damming occurred up-stream, just before entering the valley formed where the folly is sited.

The line of the waterfall, Parlington Lake

A puzzle which as yet remains unsolved is how the waterfall worked, it appears to be higher than the general level of the lake. The location marked 6 on the plan above shows the entry point into the top watercourse which then progresses to the fall, but whether there was a pump involved to raise the water is not known.

Continued on Lake 4.

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