The lineage of the Gascoigne Family and their Estates compared to the UK history.

The lineage of the Gascoignes are marked by ascending Roman numerals. The data can be filtered to only show words which match, also you can highlight events by typing in a match word in a colour input box. For example to find servants that were recorded at Parlington type servants in one of the colour boxes.
To move around the timeline click on one of four date areas which can be panned infinitely by dragging with the mouse pointer.
The default start position is 1,000 AD the scrollers increment by 10 year intervals, move quickly with the top and bottom scrollers less quickly with the two middle bands.
Use the Show and Hide buttons to provide more screen space, and reveal or hide the Navigation.


Note: The scripts used on this page were available at under the simile project. Unfortunately the files have been removed and are now hosted on The page will not function as the script has been superceded. Until I get round to updating the code base there is a rough and ready timeline here: Basic Timeline of the Gascoigne Family

The Gascoigne timeline (top) contains   events while the UK timeline contains events.