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Skyrack Courier July 29th 1905

Skyrack Arcticle about the 1905 Auction at Parlington

The following listing is a combination of two documents, the 1905 Valuation for Probate and secondly the Auction Catalogue, of the sale held from July 24th to 29th at Parlington. But before the listing is a newly acquired record from the local newspaper on the Saturday, the last day of the sale, about the auction.

Sale at Parlington
The Late Col. Gascoigne's Effects

A large company assembled at Parlington Hall on Monday when Messrs Hollis and Webb, auctioneers, commenced to sell by auction the indoor and outdoor effects of the late Col. F. C. Trench Gascoigne. Many persons from Garforth, Aberford and the surrounding villages were present, desirous no doubt of securing a souvenir of the esteemed lord of the manor, whilst others animated by business instincts, came from London, Liverpool, Leeds etc. Nearly 2,000 lots were to be disposed of, and the sale was spread over the week. On Monday Mr J Stenson Webb, the officiating auctioneer, offered the contents of some of the corridors, the entrance hall, the drawing room, and the small drawing room. Bidding was brisk and good prices were realised.
The hall contained several pieces of old Chippendale furniture, which formed part of an old drinking suite, used probably between 1780 - 1800. Had the suite been complete no doubt a very large figure would have been realised and the pieces excited considerable competition.
They consisted of three Chippendale square stools, carved on the knees with lion's heads, and resting on claw feet. These realising £91 7s. 0d;
Four Chippendale forms, two 5ft 6in. And two 7ft. Long, with carved supports to match, fetched £88 4s 0d.;
and two settees, with upholstered backs and finely carved supports, £210. 0s 0d
Other interesting lots which realised good prices were a pair of 24in. Brass canon on oak carriages, £28 0s 0d;
six mahogany chairs with shell shaped backs, £12 0s 0d;
a Sheraton mahogany oval brass bound wine cooler, £8 0s 0d;
a 6ft. 3in. Sheraton mahogany sideboard, £4 0s 0d;
empire clock on Sienna marble stand, surmounted by figure of Æneas, £21 0s 0d;
two Carrara marble figures, representing "Summer" and "Winter", £60 18s. 0d;
a pair of fine quality Oriental vases and covers (one cover damaged), £105 0s 0d.
and an ormolu empire striking clock, £8 8s.
There was again a good attendance on Tuesday, when a Geneva orchestrian organ by F. Conclian realised £42 0s 0d;
a Spode china tea and breakfast service, 12 guineas;
a Minton service, 7 guineas ; a very pretty dessert service, 16 guineas;
a single Sevres china plate of fine quality, £20;
and a painted dinner service 13 guineas.

** Notes ** The text in this section is copied (tediously) from the original typed valuation produced in June 1905.
It is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but like any transcript there are some uncertainties caused by mis-spelling, and other typographical errors.
The layout of the document is generally in the form of a room, followed by a paragraph of the items contained within it; exceptions are where there are significant collections like silver in the room, they are listed separately after the main body of items.
For clarity and to bring the document into line with the later auction document from July 1905 (which I hope to add in full, in the future), I have added a line break after each description in the manner of lot items at auction, although this does add considerably to the length of the document it is a lot easier to read. The original transcript makes use of a number of abbreviations to save time (examples: &c = e.t.c. Do, do, Ditto = same as item before).

** Author's Comments ** Where I have noticed any obvious errors I have added a comment in the following style: [comment] If the item is known, or is of some interest I have added a note to this effect. The auction catalogue, a photocopy, the original is at Temple Newsam has what appear to be pencil notes of the sale price achieved on the day, sometimes clear sometimes not; I have added them where possible. For example 10/- = 10 Shillings or 50p in todays currency. What that equates to in real terms I hasve yet to set out.

** Auction Reference ** Where the item is identified in the auction document of July 1905 it is noted in this style, along with extra data where available.

Col: Frederick Charles Trench Gascoigne Decd.
Of in & out door effects at Parlington Park, Aberford, Yorkshire.
Made for probate purposes, June 1905


Skin mat & fibre mat. [Lot 81]
Old Turkey carpet. [Lot 82 ~ Bordered Turkey carpet 21ft x 17ft]
Set of 2 arm & 4 single chairs carved & seats in leather. [Lot 101 ~ Finely carved ebonised wood, with maroon morocco seats]
Two forms on carved feet. [Lot 91 ~ Very valuable, Chippendale; 5' 6" long carved on the knees with lions' heads, with eagles' claw feet on castors, upholstered in maroon velvet and brass studded, with square back supports.] [Fetched £88 4s 0d for four inc. next item, see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
2 longer ditto. [Lot 92 7' 0" long as before described (a.b.d.)]
Devotional chair. [Lot 104 ~ Walnut devotional chair in needlework.]
An old pipe organ. [Lot 107 ~ Chamber organ by Harvard & Stevenson, with eighteen stops, pedals and couplers, with decorated pipes, and enclosed in a carved mahogany case, and fitted with a seat.]
Two square stools ball & claw feet. [Lot 90 ~ (noted as 3 not 2) Chippendale a.b.d] [Fetched £91 7s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
Pair of Italian marble figures Summer and Winter on pedestals. [Lots 102 & 103 ~ Carrara marble 5ft high signed by R. Rinaldi, resting on a granite and marble block.] [Fetched £60 18s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
A number of old cameras, stands, lens & fittings. [Believed to be part of the forth sale of Sporting Guns, Fishing Tackle & Photographic Appliances, July 20th 1905. (No documents found of this auction as yet!) ]
Square table. [Lot 113 ~ Mahogany table with square top, on tripod stand.]
Pole cornice &c [Lot 86 ~ Long oak cornice pole and rings, and pair of extra wide maroon cloth curtains]
Circular mahogany table. [Lot 114]
Old tricycle. [Lot 88 ~ Beeston Humber model]
Damaged invalids chair. [Lot 89 ~ Mahogany & leather]
2 oak Glastonbury chairs. [Lots 95 & 96 ~ Oak Prie Dieu chairs one upholstered in green the other in maroon.]
Pair of settees with monster handles, lion face on knee & ball & claw feet. [Lots 93 & 94 ~ A magnificent 5' 6" Chippendale Settee with upholstered seat and back in maroon velvet, the two arms finely carved with heads of lionesses, resting on four supports, with carved lins head on each knee, and eagles claw feet and castors. Lot 94 described as similar.] [Fetched £210 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
Mahogany table. [Lot 116 ~ with square top on twisted columns and block.]
3 light gasalier.
Copper coal vase. [Lot 85 ~ Copper helmet coal scuttle, three steel fire implements sold: 10/-]
Chimney glass. [Lot 100 ~ in broad gilded frame.]
Bronze & marble clock. [Lot 97 ~ Fine Empire Clock on a sienna marble stand, with bronze mounts, surrmounted by bronze figure Æneas (Trojan hero)] [Fetched £21 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
2 marble columns. [Lot 98 ~ Pair of 15in marble columns (damaged)]
2 swan rugs. [Lot 83]
Hearthrug. [Lot 84 ~ Large cloth hearthrug.]

Items from Auction not in Valuation

Lot 99 Pair of marble groups, Wolves.
Lot 105 Chronological chart of Anglican Church architecture, framed.
Lot 106 Two square footstools in old needlework.
Lot 108 Thermometer by Davis, Leeds, under glass shade.
Lot 109 Two bows and sixteen arrows.
Lot 110 Pair of blue banners in needlework.
Lot 111 Four fencing foils and three masks
Lot 112 Old muzzle-loading gun, two saws and bicycle saddle.
Lot 115 Birch folding table.
Lot 117 Two iron (two pounder) guns on carriage. [Fetched £28 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
Lot 118 Two ditto ditto.
Lot 119 Two smaller ditto ditto ditto.

PAINTINGS [In Entrance Hall]

  • Unknown 50" x 40" Portrait of a Lady (Condition poor)
  • Unknown 52" x 40" Hunting Scene.
  • Unknown 48" x 30" Two portraits in one frame, Sir Thomas Gascoigne & John Gascoigne. [At lotherton Hall]
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a Lady.
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of Sir John Gascoigne 5th Baronet. [At lotherton Hall]
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of Sir Thomas Gascoigne 3rd Baronet. [At lotherton Hall]
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a Gentleman.
  • Unknown 52" x 40" Portrait of Sir John Gascoigne 1st Baronet. (condition very poor). [At lotherton Hall]
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a Lady.
  • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a gentleman in full bottom wig.

Interpretation of the Entrance Hall, based on the above data.

We can get a pretty good idea of how the Entrance Hall looked internally by the description of items from the two documents (Valuation & Auction). For example maroon is the dominant colour of fabrics on the furniture and curtains. Remember the plan of the entrance hall is rectangular around 24ft wide by 30ft long. The access from the Porté Cochere is through a casement with a single door and fixed lights either side. There are no windows in the walls and it is single storey.

Standing, as it were metaphorically, with your back to the entrance door; off to the right is an alcove for the organ, and directly in front at the end of the room, 30ft away is a single door opening leading to the corridor to the principal rooms. The alcove for the organ is roughly midway along the right wall, bisecting the space either side are two shallow semi-circular recesses; could each of these have had one of the carrara marble figures located. Opposite the organ on the other long wall, in the centre is a fireplace; most likely marble, was this the position of the marble and bronze clock, with the Greek figurine? The furniture comprising the Chippendale pieces along with a few other items, presents a very regal scene, and although large pieces, the room is plenty big enough to carry all the furniture.

Adorning the walls would be the ten paintings, nine family portraits and the hunting scene.

The floors were undoubtably stone, marble or limestone perhaps, evidence of marble skirtings and paving has been uncovered on the site, and is noted elsewhere in the artefacts section. Topping this off was the Brussels carpet, placed centrally with a border, given the sizes indicated of around 3ft, showing the stone paved finish.

My view is that it is likely that the structure featured a flat roof behind the stone cornice at the head of the walls, probably lead covered, with perhaps a central lantern type roof light to illuminate the space below. Certainly without a roof light the entrance hall would have been very dark, especially as the maroon curtains would have obscured some of the light from entering by the windows either side of the entrance door.

More to follow in due course! [Added: 10/05/2011] Small Drawing Room Auction data added, thanks to Pauline Robson for transcribing!


Large rug.
Smaller ditto.
Brussels carpet down all the corridors.
Linen covering.
Two Glastonbury chairs.
6 Mahogany hall chairs. [Fetched £12 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
Ottoman seat.
3 whip sticks &c.
Coloured engraving the Horse Fair.
A ditto.
2 sets of framed photos.
Coloured engraving and companion.
2 small paintings favourite horses.
9 brass rods.
Mahogany hat stand.
Oval brass bound wine cooler. [Fetched £8 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
Mahogany hall table.
Large oil painting Seapiece & Man of War.
Mahogany box.
3 bronze shield.
2 old dress swords.
Copper coal scuttle.
Ash pan & guard.
2 axminster mats.
3 skin mats.
Engraving Queen Victoria.
Ditto Canterbury Pilgrims.
Ditto Bolton Abbey in olden times.
Do Cranmer.
Do A listener.
Coloured print.
Gong on oak stand.
Coloured print.
2 gas brackets.
Iron lamp stand.
Large telescope.
4 rosewood chairs inlaid with brass.
Coloured print & architectural drawings.
Water colour drawing.
Oil painting landscape.
Two terra cotta statues.
Mahogany portfolio stand.
Stuffed Amhurst pheasant in case.
Views of India & photos.
Rosewood card table.
Wicker table.
Old oil painting dgd.
Wicker arm chair.
2 pairs of crimson cloth curtains & valances.
Folding table.
Rosewood card table.
Velvet top stool.
Birch table.
Easy chair inlaid with brass.
Maple table marble top.
Rosewood devotional chair.
Old oil pianting of birds.
Signed photogravure Battle of El Gubat.
Water colour drawing Cathedral interior & companion.
Oak Yorkshire Chair.
2 chromos.
Old Brussels carpet.
Carved oak chair.
Rosewood table inlain with brass.


Washstand & ware.
Carpet & llinoneum.


Pair of brass dogs & brasses. [Lot 120]
Coal box in embossed brass. [Lot 125 ~ A large square respoussé brass coalbox]
Wilton carpet. [Lot 121 ~ The bordered AXMINSTER pile carpet, as planned to the room]
Hearth rug. [Lot 122 ~ AXMINSTER hearthrug]
Chimney glass. [Lot 126 ~ Lofty chimney glass in broad gold frame]
Ormolu & Marble clock. [Lot 128 ~ Ormolu and white marble clock under glass shade]
Two marble Statuettes. [Lot 127 ~ Pair of marble statuettes on pedestals, under glass shades]
7 rosewood chairs. [Lot 160 ~ Six rosewood chairs, differently upholstered]
Ottoman seat. [Lot 161 ~ Ottoman seat in cretonne]
Cushion. [Lot 132 ~ Square cushion in blue silk]
Parian figure. [Lot 148 ~ Game of Bezique, and white porcelain figure of angel (damaged)]
Leather wall bracket. [Lot 133 ~ Leather wall bracket, plush mounted]
Bracket with Italian placques.
Mahogany table. [Lot 172 ~ Mahogany table with square top, 20in by 15in]
Waste paper basket. [Lot Part 136 ~ Ivory paper cutter, inkstand and waste paper basket]
Oval inlaid table. [Lot 137 ~ Fumed mahogany oval table inlaid with satinwood]
Rosewood davenport. [Lot 140 ~ Rosewood Davenport and fittings]
Rosewood cheffonier. [Chiffonier] [Lot 149 ~ A 4ft 3in ROSEWOOD CABINET, with open ends and closed centre, with decorated glass door and marble top]
Ditto. [Lot 150 ~ A 4ft 3in ROSEWOOD CABINET, with open ends and closed centre, with decorated glass door and marble top]
Compass. [Lot 152 ~ Compass in mahogany case]
Snuff box. [Lot 153 ~ Ebonized and ivory snuffbox]
Field glasses & case. [Lot 157 ~ Pair of large field glasses by Negretti, in leather case]
Three ebony elephants. [Lots 155 & 156 ~ Pair of large ebony elephants & smaller ditto.]
Walnut table. [Lot 159 ~ Walnut circular table, with carved borders and carved tripod stand]
Box settee.
Walnut easy chair. [Lot 163 ~ Walnut easy chair in maroon damask]
Mahogany table. [Lot 181 ~ Mahogany table on pillar and block, with deal top]
Copper jardiniere & stand. [Lot 193 ~ Copper jardinière on black oak pedestal]
Bamboo table. [Lot 165 ~ Bamboo table with fall leaves]
Pair of horn shaped vases. [Lots 188 & 189 ~ Scotch horn, snuff maul, with silver top, set with cairngorm, Another silver mounted snuff maul]
Rosewood oblong table. [Lot 168 ~ Rosewood Prie Dieu table, with fancy glass top]
Two inlaid chairs. [Lot 169 ~ Two mahogany and satinwood occasional chairs, in olive green Genoa velvet]
Brass newspaper rack. [Lot 170 ~ Brass newspaper easel]
Reading easle. [Lot 171 ~ Reading stand, iron frame, walnut table and walnut adjustable easel]
5 photo albums. [Lot 145 ~ Quantity of loose photographs No other candidate]
Fire screen. [Lot 176 ~ Rosewood pole firescreen with beadwork banner]
Cabinet & fittings.
Liquer cabinet.
Fishing in strange waters.
Yorkshire etchings.
Miss Scratchley 10 parts.
rosewood easy chair. [Lot 177 ~ Rosewood arm chair in cretonne]
Cushion. [Lot 178 ~ Square cushion in crimson silk]
Bamboo coal box. [Lot 179 ~ Bamboo coal cabinet]
Copper do. [Lot 123 ~ Square copper coal scuttle, with liner]
Water colour flower piece. [Lot 202 ~ Water-colour drawing, Vase of Flowers]
Mahogany table & bookcase cover. [Lot 198 ~ Mahogany 4ft 4in table, surmounted by open bookcase]
8 framed photos &c.
6 coloured prints. [Lot 199 ~ Six framed chromos, Italian Scenes]
Two placques. [Lot 203 ~ Pair of wall placques, painted with Italian Scenes]
Oil painting copy of Raphaels Madonna.
Continental oil painting.
Unknown oil painting 3/4 length portrait of lady dgd.
2 water colours interiors.
2 snuff boxes. [Lot 153 ~ Ebonized and ivory snuffbox]
Pair scissors. [Lot Part 187 ~ Pair of callipers, level, Japanese paper knife, and large pair of scissors]
Paper cutters [Lot Part 136 ~ Ivory paper cutter, inkstand and waste paper basket. Also Lot 185 ~ Two ivory paper cutters]
Book slides. [Lot 190 ~ Pair of olivewood bookslides]
Scotts bible 6 vols.
life of Christ 2 vols.
Archbishop Trench 2.
Euphrates Expedition.
Gazettier & dictionary.
Sundry books.

Items from Auction (Small Drawing Room) not in Valuation

124 Pair of brass folding fire screens and needlework banners
129 Filigree silver card case, with medallion of Lord Byron
130 Pocket compass and thermometer
131 Ottoman couch with loose cover
132 Square cushion in blue silk
133 Leather wall bracket, plush mounted
134 Three pairs of scissors in case
135 Pair of opera glasses in case
138 Damask table cover, ivory paper cutter and mahogany box
139 A 4ft ash open bookcase, with movable shelves
141 Five Russian silver tea spoons
142 Small pair of opera glasses
143 Seven pairs of folding eye-glasses
144 Fourteen pairs of spectacles
146 Microscope in case
147 Twenty microscopic slides in case
151 Set of lead skittles and set of draughts and compo font
152 Compass in mahogany case
154 Two pieces of ivory
158 Marble boar's head candlestick
162 A plush and needlework ottoman cover
164 Square cushion in bead and needlework
166 Silver mounted leather cigarette case and small items
167 Pair of flower holders, ormolu tags heads and glass holders on marble stand
173 Leather writing case and fittings
174 Italian walnut writing case and fittings
175 Turkish hookah
180 Brass crocodile ink stand
181 Mahogany table on pillar and block, with deal top
182 Two hassocks and gout stool
183 Drab tapestry table cover
184 Blue serge table cover in elaborate needlework
186 Small dagger, with carved ivory handle, in sheath
191 Small brass box, miniature plane and small items
192 Hand magnifying glass
194 Red leather date rack, with thermometer
195 Olivewood cigarette box
196 Two pairs of coloured muslin window curtains
197 Cretonne valance, and two pairs of cretonne curtains
200 Water-colour drawing, Church Interior
201 Sepia drawing, by G. Corellia
204 Oil painting, 22in by 14in, Italian Scene
205 Oil painting, copy of Raphael's Madonna

SILVER [In Small Drawing Room]

Victorian embossed tankard.
Foreign silver gilt tankard.
Foreign silver gilt tankard on feet.
Victorian engraved tankard.
Silver gilt cup Haigh Park.
Licoln Cup silver gilt.
Silver gilt cup 1809.
Geo [sic Georgean] circular tray vine leaf border full coat of arms.
A ditto.
Plain ditto full crest.
Two small waiters early Geo pike crest.
Bread basket full coat of arms Geo period.
4 sauce boats & lids rams head handles.
Sauce pan & cover.
Muffinier with handles & cover pikes head & coronet.
Pair of smaller ditto.
36 table spoons Geo period fiddle pattern.
20 dessert ditto.
22 ditto spoons.
6 ditto ditto various pikes head.
35 fiddle pattern tea spoons.
2 caddy 4 salts & 2 mustard spoons.
6 sauce ladles.
4 gravy spoons 2 sizes.
5 early Geo ditto.
6 salt spoons & 11 Geo egg spoons.
Fluted soup ladle.
Fiddle pattern ditto.
Two narrow scoups.
2 pairs of sugar tongs.
One old pair.
Pair of asparagus tongs.
3 sugar sifters.
Pair of old Geo sugar tongs.
4 sauce ladles.
4 butter knives.
Two fish slices.
59 Geo table forks.
42 dessert forks.
One old dessert fork.
Salad fork and fish carving fork.
4 entree dishes covers & handles.
Two oval dishes.
6 meat skewers.
Cut glass mustard pot, silver top.
Mustard pot & two peppers.
6 oval salt cellars.
4 round do.
Geo tea pot.
Small Visctorian teapot.
Geo coffe pot.
Ditto ivory handle.
Hot water jug.
Larger ditto.
Double lipped cream jug.
Geo milk jug.
A ditto.
Do sugar basin.
Pierced openwork cake basket.
Two funnels.
4 silver basket decanter stands weighted.
Large oval tray vine leaf decorations Geo.
Hen with 4 egg cups.
Soda water bottle stand.
Horses hoof snuff box.
Early Geo salver on feet.
11 dessert spoons.
3 tea spoons.
Gravy spoon.
2 salt spoons.
Sugar tongs.
6 tea spoons.
13 silver labels.
Punch ladle Queen Anne coin.
6 early Geo table spoons.
Sugar sifter.
Dessert Spoon.
4 small forks.
12 table forks early Geo.
Large embossed kettle stand & lamp.

ELECTRO PLATE [In Small Drawing Room]

6 teapot spoons.
6 egg spoons.
Gravy spoon.
12 table spoons.
18 large forks.
12 dessert forks.
12 dessert spoons.
6 egg spoons.
2 sauce ladles.
2 soup ladles.
Cheese scoup.
2 grape scissors.
2 meat skewers.
4 carlton cruets.
Crumb scoup.
24 pieces of fish eaters.
Plate holder.
Tea service.
2 bottles plated mounts.
Chinese ornament.
Chocolate pot.
Milk jug.
Sugar basin & cream jug.
Hot water jug.
Water kettle & stand.
Small soup tureen.
2 breakfast dishes.
Soup tureen & cover.
2 tankards silver mounted.
2 pewter jugs.
Sugar basin.
2 bottle holders.
Flask & funnel.
Sheffield plated knife tray.
4 entree dishes & covers.
Boat shaped cruet frame.
Toast rack.
2 twisted do.
7 bar do.
Biscuit box.
Silver double decanter stand.
4 hot water dishes.
4 do claw feet.
2 nautillus butter dishes.
snuffers & tray.
Oak & electro plated beer mug.
Ice bucket &c.
6 cupp egg cruet 6 hole egg cruet.
Decanter stand.
Engraved kettle & stand.
2 oval dishes & liners.
4 large dish covers.
Biscuit box.
Potato bowl.
6 ash trays.
4 hole cruet.
Pair of 3 branch candelabra.
Pair of candle branches.
6 square candlesticks.
16 various table candlesticks.
2 small do.
20 various chamber candlesticks.
Hot ware dish.
Do well dish.
Large sized dish.
2 ditto.
2 smaller do.
Indian claret jug.

STABLES COACH HOUSES &c [In the valuation this item appears out of order, but is listed as recorded]

Lady's Phaeton very old.
Luggage cart do. [do. = ditto = All very old, presumably.]
Waggonette with top do.
Two sleighs do.
Large omnibus do.
Dog cart do.
Small sociable cart do.
Brougham by Peters do.
Victoria by Morgan do.
4 wheel dog cart do.
Cob dob cart.
Walnut 4 wheel do.


Brown horse aged 24 years.
Shooting pony aged 15 years.
Chestnut cob aged 17 years.


Double set of plated harness.
Single set of brown do.
Single set of black do.
Quantity of old harness.
Old bridles &c.
2 old saddles.
2 exercising saddles.
4 old hunting saddles.
13 bridles &c.
Lay's saddle old.
Two wood chests.
Chair &c.
Lady's saddle.
Old military saddle.
Stable implements.
8 old sets of horse clothing.
Saddle horses & sundries.

TRINKETS &c [Not related to any location]

Mosaic bracelet.
Small pearl ditto.
Enamel do.
Brooch with miniature.
Sundry trinkets comprising pins, brooches, earings &c.
Old gold watch.
Small repeater watch.
Small gold watch.
Baronets badge.
Small box of trinkets.
Damascene snuff box.
Tortoise shell box with miniature in lid.
Bracelet set with 3 drops of enamel, pear & small diamonds.
Gold keyless hunter watch.
Gold chain.
2 gold seals.
Filigree silver bracelet.
Lady's gold watch.
Gold keyless hunter.
Silver card case.
Two silver flasks & one leather do.
Small foreign coins.
Two small telescopes.
2 chatelains.


22 bottles sherry.
21 old hock.
7 bottles sherry.
23 bottles port.
23 bott hock.
14 bott sherry.
6 old sherry.
25 bott old port.
13 bott white wine.
21 bott burgundy.
72 bott red wine bad.
64 bott claret.
12 bott Chateau Monto Rothschild.
22 bott old Madeira.
68 bott champagne bad.
8 bott sparkling burgundy.
31 bott whiskey.
17 bott rum.
9 bott champagne.
8 bott brandy.
6 bott gin.
7 bott whiskey.
12 bott scotch do.
5 bott old port.
87 bott old port.
6 bott sparkling hock.
120 bott port.
a53 bott port bottled 1885.
68 bott pale sherry.
207 bott claret.
114 bott pale sherry.
12 bott old port.
112 bottles Sandeman's port bottled 1889.
12 bott old sherry.
112 bottles claret.
120 bottles dry sherry 1889.
107 bottles claret.
37 bott champagne.
9 bott Madeira.
12 bottles sparkling burgundy.
126 bottles claret.
260 bottles claret.
6 bottles white wine.
24 bottles sparkling burgundy.


Tour of Dr Syntax.
Bridgens Furniture.
Old England vol 2, 1.
Two Atlas.
Blacks Atlas.
Die Kienste.
Menbles at Armes.
The ferns of Great Britain & Ireland.
Studies of Heads.
Frederick Taylors Portfolio 1844.
Recollections of the Great Exhibition of 1851.
Fletchers Bible 2 vols.
Sunday at Home 3.
My Garden 1.
A month in the midlands.
Curry & Rice Illuminated Calendar 1846.
The Gardens 16 vols.
Photographic News 5.
The Graphic 7.
Scotland Illustrated.
Hooles Tasso 2.
Illustrated London News 5.
Art Journal 20.
Art of illuminating 1.
Puch 39.
A Fortnights Ramble in Ireland 2.
Sunday at Home 3.
The Leisure Hour 2.
Wellingtons Despatches.
History of Frederick the Great 6.
Shakespeare 4.
Whites Inventions 1.
Bryants Map of the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Botanic Garden.
The Danube.
George Gascoigne's Poems 2.
Life of Charles Dickens 2.
levers Works.
Trenche Works 2.
Miscellaneous books 35.
Worlidges Gems.
Art Journal 6.
Cornhill Magazine 35.
Blackwoods magazine 61.
Harpers Monthly Magazine 6.
Girdlestones holy Bible 6.
Holy bible revised version 5.
Commentaries 7.
Ditto 2.
Sketches in the Holy Land 3.
Dalziels Illustrated Arabian Nights 2.
Canadian Pictures.
Forest of Windsor.
A Fortnights Ramble in Ireland 3.
Walton's Angler 2.
Sundry books on Angling.
Prayer books & bibles.
Novels & others 155.
Small books.
Hollams Europe 3.
Memoirs of Geo 3rd 4.
History of the Reformation 5.
Lavatars Physiognomy 3.
Bound magazines 13.
History of our times 4.
Miscellaneous books 16.
Horace Walpoles Letters 6.
Sundry small books in cheffoniers.
Sundry books on tables 28.
Illustrated London News 52.
The Graphic 26.
Punch 31.
Encyclopaedia Brittannica 8th Edtion 20.
Waverley Novels 22.
Sundry old books in book cases on landing about 500.
Histoire Naturelle 29.
London by Gustave Dore.
History of St Peters York 2.
The Newcomers.
Oliver Twist 2.


Two fibre door mats.
Axminster rug.
Large Turkey carpet old.
9 mahogany chairs in leather.
Mahogany half circular serving table with brass rod & curtain at back.
Rosewood tea caddy & bottles.
Photo frame.
Six bronze gas brackets & globes.
Copper coal vase.
Steel & iron fender, plate stand & implements.
Marble mantel suite of clock & pair of side ornaments.
Wood stand Old Turkey hearthrug.
Reflecting lamp.
Walnut writing table.
Stationary cabinet.
Small oak ditto.
Debretts Peerage &c 1887.
Pen tray & writing materials.
2 tier dumb waiter.
Waste paper basket.
Mahogany & 3 fold screen with wool work panels.
Mahogany firescreen with glazed & movable panels.
Pair of crimson cloth curtains valance & cornice.
3 blinds.
Stand for parrots cage & linoneum.
Music stool.
Old long grand pianoforte by Broadwood.
Two seals.
Carved wood tray.
Small birch stand inlaid top.
Hammered iron stand fitted with copper kettles & tea service.
Mahogany two tier dumb waiter.
16 tunes of pianola.
8ft 6 mahogany pedestal sideboard. [Fetched £4 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
A ditto ditto.
Metal model of a sailing boat on stand under glass shade.
Two liqueur cabinets.
Mahogany musical box.
Mahogany side table.
6 fold screen with painted panels.
Butler's tray stand.
3 decorated tray's.
Pair decorated vases.
Two electro plated wine coolers.
Mahogany wine cooler on carved feet.
Mahogany bottle stand.
Antique mahogany extending dining table.
4 mahogany arm chairs with seats in leather.
Small spirit cask with tap.
Bronze gasalier.

Oil paintings. [In Dining Room]

  • Wm Mellor 24" x 36" A set of three lake views.
  • Unknown large painting 72" x 72" Abraham & Isaac.
  • H Verhoeven Ball 1862 33" x 46" Continental scene.
  • F Wheatley 5ft 5 x 7ft 3 Grattans Parliament 1780.
  • Unknown 28" x 24" Pair of portraits.
  • Pompeo de Batoni Rome 1779 Life sixed [sized] portrait of Sir Thomas Gascoigne.

    The bordered Axminster carpet as planned.
    Rosewood writing table adjustable top.
    Small birch table with folding top.
    Rosewood writing table brass mounted.
    Small coffee table.
    Walnut Davenport.
    Oak chair upholstered back & seat.
    Rosewood stand.
    Japanese box.
    Pair of tapestry curtains.
    Valance cornice & pair of muslin curtains.
    Birch table with 3 drawers & tapestry cover.
    Sternes works.
    Shakespeare 8 vols.
    Folding side table & cover.
    Rosewood bookcase with marble top.
    Ostrich egg.
    Bronze vase.
    Sundry small books.
    Mahogany reading table.
    Oak library steps & cushion.
    Ottoman seat.
    Harpers monthly magazine 6.
    Nicholas Nickleby illustrated by Phiz.
    Cornhill magazine 4.
    Fathers of the English Church 9.
    Flowering plants of Great Britain.
    British Poets.
    Sundry Books.
    Pole fire screen.
    Iron fender & implements.
    Mantel clock.
    Clock in marble case.
    Small ornaments on chimney piece.
    Small barometer.
    Ditto compass.
    Coal box.
    Oak library steps.
    Leather bag.
    Paper basket.
    Mahogany armchair & cushions.
    Mahogany writing table.
    Paited milk stool.
    Fishing net & sundries.
    Revolver & case.
    Quantity of photographs.
    Stool on carved leg, ball & claw feet.
    Large mahogany writing table.
    Two chairs.
    Oak writing slope.
    Stationary cabinet.
    Letter scales.
    Scissors & numerous writing materials.
    Box of compasses.
    Brass gasalier.
    Leather kit bag.
    Portable kitchen & 3 copper sauce pans.
    Swiss clock.
    Small mirror in carved gilt frame.
    Pair of terra cotta vases & 3 photo frames.

    Oil Paintings

    • Unknown 30" x 24" portrait of a lady.
    • Unknown 30" x 24" portrait of a gentleman.
    • Unknown 24" x 18" Favourite dog.
    • Unknown 5ft x 4ft Portrait group of 4 Children. [At Lotherton Hall, The Four children of Richard Oliver Gascoigne]
    • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a gentleman.
    • Unknown 38" x 30" Portrait of an officer.
    • Unknown 50" x 40" Portrait of two children.
    • Small water colour sketch.
    • Sketch of an old gentleman in maple frame.
    • Miniature portrait of a gentleman.
    • Pair of framed photos.
    • Small oil painting of a lady.
    • Miniature portrait of a lady.
    • Water colour sketch.
    • Two portraits sketches.
    • Two coloured engravings Right Hon Silver Oliver.
    • Sketch sailing boat.
    • Ditto portrait of a lady.
    • Two small paintings lake & mountain scenery.
    • Three small oval portraits.
    • Two miniatures.
    • Two oval sketches lady & Gentleman.
    • Three small pictures.
    • Unknown 30" x 24" Portrait of a Gentleman.
    • Water colour drawing the infant saviour.


    The range of mahogany book shelves with cupboards and drawers as fitted to end of room.
    Ditto as fitted side of room.
    Mahogany gun cupboard fitted with drawers & glazed doors.
    [FCTG]Two Metford rifles.
    Lady's double barrel hammerless gun.
    Two double barrel guns with top levers.
    one do.
    with underhand lever.
    Single barrel muzzle loader.
    A double barrel do.
    A wild fowl gun by Holland & Holland.
    Sundry fishing rods & tackle, flies &c.
    Bait cans & angling utensils.
    Quantity of joiners tools.
    Quantity of cartridges.
    Game bags.
    Cartridge bags.
    [end FCTG] Mahogany pedestal writing table.
    2 light gasalier.
    Mahogany arm chair in hair seating.
    3 mahogany single chairs in hair seating.
    Small mahogany writing table.
    Two large canisters.
    Fender & hearth rug.
    pair of Indian clubs.
    Small stool & mahogany stand.
    Mahogany letter rack.
    Lathe & tools.
    Two engravings portraits.
    Old oil painting of a dog.
    Scale & quantity of chemicals.
    Riding whip & rack.
    Folding cane seated chair.
    Small mahogany stand.
    Photographic appliances.
    Large quantity of miscellaneous books.
    Rosewood stand.


    Linoneum as laid.
    Two fibre mats.
    Travelling trunk.
    [FCTG ]Small lathe.
    [end FCTG] Fishing rods in case.
    Gas pendant.


    Linoneum as planned.
    Skin hearthrug.
    Iron fender, wire guard & fire implements.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Two single chairs.
    Rosewood card table.
    Folding arm chair.
    Small Japanese cabinet.
    Bronze head & bracket.
    Two ditto ditto.
    Mahogany two fold screen.
    Mahogany cabinet.
    Gramophone Quantity of bows.
    Small cupboard with bookshelf over.
    Patent excerciser.
    Oil painting of race horse Jerry.
    Sundry ornaments.
    A number of wall placques.
    13 pictures.


    Old Brussels carpet.
    Two rosewood chairs inlaid with brass.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Belleek china card tray.
    Compo group on pedestal.
    Old oil painting The return from Hawking.
    2 gas brackets.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Two cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Coloured print.
    Old lithograph Aberford Almshouses.
    [Copy with David Howson]


    Old Brussels carpet as planned to room.
    Brass mounted wire fender.
    Chimney glass in gilt frame.
    Coloured print.
    Old engravings.
    4 photos in oe frame.
    Fire screen.
    Pole fire screen.
    Old engraving the Melton Breakfast.
    Copy of oil painting portrait of a gentleman in military dress.
    Mahogany wash stand & toilet ware.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Mahoganywriting table.
    Two pairs of yellow damask window curtains & cornice poles.
    3 cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    6ft Mahogany wardrobe.
    Mahogany bidette.
    Coloured photo portrait.
    Old engraving The dead Soldier.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Mahogany bedsteps commode.
    Engraving The Duke of Wellington.
    Mahogany 4 post bedstead, draperies, wool mattress, feather bed, hair mattress, 3 blankets, counterpane, bolster & two pilloes.
    Mahogany toilet glass Couch & cushions.
    4 dust sheets.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    [Catalogued twice?] Engraving The Duke of Wellington.
    Engraving quiet enjoyment.


    Old Brussels carpet.
    Window curtains, cornice poles & valance.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    painted bedstead & palliasse.
    Mahogany bedsteps commode.
    2 cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany writing table.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    pole fire screen.
    Mahogany bidette.
    chimney glass.
    Brass mounted wire fender.
    Mahogany 6ft 3 cabinet fitted with cupboards & drawers.
    Two copies of oil paintings family portraits.
    Copy of painting of Queen Victoria.
    Old oil painting artist unknown.
    pair of miniatures.
    photographs & coloured prints on wall.


    Brussels carpet as planned to room.
    Sketch in birds eye maple frame.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Cornice pole & valance.
    Toilet ware.
    Two mahogany wash stands.
    Chimney glass.
    Brass mounted wire fender.
    Brass kerb.
    pole fire screen.
    Old engraving The Meeting od [f] Her Majesty's Stag Hounds on Ascot Heath.
    Photographs on wall.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Mahogany 4 post bedstead & draperies two hair mattresses, feather bed, bolster & pillow.
    Mahogany toilet glass.
    2 dust sheets.
    Old engraving The drowned Fisherman.


    Four pole cornices.
    4 pairs maroon curtains.
    2 large chimney mirrors.
    Two smaller do.
    Console table.
    Two Rosewood & Buhl Cabinets.
    Two do.
    pair of marble vases dgd.
    Pair of marble ornaments.
    Marble centre piece Abgel.
    pair of tall vases, painted watteau style.
    Pair of oriental vases. [Fetched £105 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
    Ormolu & marble clock. [Fetched £8 8s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
    Bronze figure on marble stand.
    12 gas brackets.
    Rosewood whotnot.
    American organ.
    Game box.
    Pair of terra cotta vases.
    Card table.
    Two marble ornaments.
    Sundry ornaments.
    Canterbury & music.
    Music stool.
    Two gilt chairs.
    3 easy chairs.
    Large do.
    Table inlaid top.
    Chess boards ivory chess men &c Smokers Companion.
    Small Harmonium.
    4 fold screen.
    Large musical box.
    Fire screen.
    painted table.
    Axminster carpet very old.
    Two small console tables.
    Empire clock.
    Fancy box.
    Magnifying glass.
    Gilt fire screen.
    Old steel fender.
    Rosewood couch.
    Sundry cushions & draperies.
    Small settee.
    Three rugs.
    4 fold screen.
    Marble bust Queen Victoria.
    Buhl centre table.
    pair Parian brackets.
    Sundry small ornaments.
    Table with onyx top.
    Rosewood & brass writing table.
    Two placques.
    Table with marble top.
    4 chairs in needlework.
    Easy chair.
    Two chairs with carved backs.
    Musical box.
    Two easy chairs.
    Gilded state chair.
    Egypt 4 vols.
    Table with deal top.
    Musical box.
    Carved Indian wood screen.
    Small cabinet.
    Papier Mache do.
    Cricket bats & pads.
    Small pictures.
    Sundry ornaments.
    Books & sundries in cabinet.
    Picturesque atlas.
    Paxton's magazine 17.
    Flore 4.
    Beaconsfield's Life 5.
    Noblemen & Gentlemen's Seats.
    Cuilt's Wanderings.
    Costumes of Yorkshire 2.
    Hoods poems illustrated.
    Enid & another.
    Two books illustrated by Doie Endymon.
    Sundry books.
    Gospels illustrated.
    Vanity Fair Album 11.
    Sundry books.


    Old portmanteau & box.
    Corner do.
    2 bidettes.
    Old bedstead.
    bedding & sundries.


    Enclosed washstand.
    2 chairs & sundries.


    Old washstand.
    Mahogany table.
    Old chest.
    painted washstand.
    Chair, rail & sundries.


    12 forms.
    French game board.
    Geneva organ. [Fetched £42 0s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
    Large number of photos.
    129 Oxford [Oxford] Frames.
    Oak Yorkshire chair.
    Spare barrels for organ.
    3 gasaliers.


    Pair of stone carved vases.
    Two marble ornaments.
    A red & white gold china plates & saucers 64.
    Two Lowestoft dishes.
    Large do.
    5 do dishes.
    Vase stand & cover brown & gold.
    Blue & White Delft dish 2 Lowestoft dishes.
    12 cream plates.
    Blue & white plate.
    5 mugs & suacers painted in landscapes.
    14 pieces of Lowestoft.
    2 blue & white dishes.
    2 shaped do.
    4 oriental dish 2 dgd.
    2 Oriental teapots.
    2 do bowls.
    9 pieces Oriental.
    Dresden afternoon tea service.
    15 Lowestoft dishes & plates.
    2 blue & white dishes.
    41 small pieces of china.
    3 Rockingham vases.
    28 pieces of Lowestoft dinner ware.
    3 blue placques.
    pair of blue vases.
    Blue & white centre vas.
    2 Oriental bowls.
    Pair of Dresden bottles.
    Pair of Jardinieres.
    2 Chelsea figure.
    19 small ornaments.
    Pair china candlesticks.
    2 Oriental mugs.
    2 sauce boats.
    2 do.
    2 jugs.
    5 Rockingham dishes.
    pair of butter pots & covers.
    Sundry china.
    Oriental bowl.
    4 Lowestoft plates.
    25 small pieces of china.
    Pottery bowl.
    3 Sevres vases, 2 jardinieres & pot & cover.
    Collection of shells.
    5 blue & white plates & two baskets.
    Ditto bowl.
    Black wedgwood vase.
    Wedgwood baskets.
    Cloisonne placque.
    Pair of Satsuma vases.
    Pair of Ruby Bohemian glass vases.
    Pair of green 7 white ditto.
    Pair of Chamberlain Worcester vases painted with landscapes.
    Teo Lowestoft tureens.
    Pair of painted vases.
    Pair of foreign pottery vases.
    Blue & gold vase.
    2 Wedgwood wine coolers.
    2 brackets & pottery vases.
    3 columns surmounted by small bronzes.
    Marble bust.
    Pair of marble candlesticks & sundry ornaments.


    Crimson footmat.
    Crimson staircarpet.
    Square of Brussels carpet.
    3 door mats.
    pair of steps.
    Two rosewood bookcases slightly inlaid with buhl.
    Two Oxford frames & photos.
    Old crimson Brussels carpet.
    Brussels stair carpet.
    2 door mats.
    30 brass stair rods.
    4 Oxford frames & photos.
    2 skin mats.
    Mahogany chair.
    Old Brussels landing carpet.
    Mahogany stand.
    2 Oxford frames & photos.
    Old carpet on top landing.
    pair of yellow silk curtains.
    Corridor carpet as planned.
    10 door mats.
    Brass mounted wire fender.
    7 Oxford frames & photos.
    pair of Chenille curtains.
    Mahogany & inlaid card table.
    Mahogany chair in leather.
    2 gas brackets.
    Japanned hip bath.
    Small Mahogany stand.
    Old stairs carpet & rods.


    Old Mahogany chair commode.
    Old trunk.
    3 forms.
    spare palliasse & sundries.
    Odd toilet ware.
    Mahogany bidette.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Old gasalier & sundries.
    perforated fender.
    Iron bedstead.
    Chest of draweres.
    5 old chairs & table.
    Mahogany commode.
    Old chest of drawers.
    2 chairs painted washstand.
    Small painted washstand & chest.
    Iron bedstaed & bedding.
    Antique mahogany dressing table.
    2 painted washstands.
    fender & sundries.


    Felt on floor.
    Old mahogany bookcase.
    British flora 2 vols.
    Winkles British Cathedrals 3.
    Sundry small books.
    Quantity of walking sticks.
    Mahogany chair.
    Mahogany bookcase with drawers below.
    Trench Dictionary 2.
    Remarks on scenery in Scotland 2.
    The land we live in 2.
    British wild flowers by Mrs London.
    Lives of Eminent Englishmen.
    Lorna Doone.
    The monthly packet 24.
    French Revolution 5.
    Sundry books.
    Mahogany office desk.
    Water bed.
    Accordian [Accordion] Fire screen.
    Weighing chair.
    Range of deal shelves.
    Johnson's dictionary 2.
    County Atlas.
    The garden & other bound magazines.
    Poor Jack & others 9.
    Mahogany chair.
    Sundries in room.


    Old Scotch carpet.
    8 rosewood chairs.
    Mahogany washstand & ware.
    Do bidette.
    Do towel rail.
    Wire fender.
    Mantel glass.
    pair of candlesticks & 3 bronze chimney ornaments.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    3 pictures.
    Sundry ornaments.
    Mahogany washstand.
    2 pairs of curtains & valances.
    Settee in tapestry.
    Ols engravings.
    Mahoganydressing table.
    Toilet mirror.
    Mahogany Tudor bedstead, palliasse, [hard straw mattress], mattress hair mattress.
    & feather bed, bolster &c.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Quantity of work baskets.
    & sundries on bed.
    Two pieces of carved oak.
    picture frames.
    Tin box.


    Mahogany chair.
    painted chest of drawers.
    Box covered in leather.
    Small gilt frames in drawer.
    Sundries in chest of drawers.


    Felt on floor.
    pair of crutches.
    sponge bath.
    Mahogany bidette.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Antique mahogany card table with carved frame.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    carrying chair.
    bed rest.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    4 fold screen in gold wire work.
    bed pans & sundries.
    mahogany commode.
    mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Steel mounted fender.
    spark guard & implements.
    Chimney glass Pair of carved wood candlesticks.
    Two pictures.


    Brussels carpet & felt on floor.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    Do toilet mirror.
    Two pairs of yellow Damask window curtains & valances.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    4 mahogany chairs in leather.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Do washstand.
    toilet ware.
    painted towel rail.
    Mahogany wardrobe The range of oak bookshelves.
    About 140 vols miscellaneous books.
    Quantity of photographic plates & chemicals.
    Two framed maps.
    brass bell.
    dress sword.
    brass 3ft French bedstead & bedding.
    painted wood screen with needlework panel.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    with cretonne cover.
    Mahogany writing table & cover.
    brass kettle.
    [FCTG] Revolver in case.
    Smaller do.
    Flask two daggers & sundries.
    3 swords.
    Axe & walking stick.
    [end] Japanned coal box.
    brass mounted fender & implements.
    Two cane seated chairs.
    walnut overmantel.
    Carriage clock.
    pair of brass candlesticks.
    pair of do do.
    Mahogany stand.
    Large deal board.
    Mahogany framed settee.
    2 cushions.
    A number of travelling rugs.
    Two sets of paintings Italian figures.
    Axminster hearthrug.
    Oil painting 27 x 17 Seapiece.
    M[Matthew] Kendrick RHA 1863 30 x 15 Coast scene.
    Water colour sketch.
    Continental scene.
    Pair of framed engravings.
    Sibilla, Cumaea & Sibilla Delphica.
    Wm Mellor 24" x 36" On the Derwent.
    [See information on artist] Unknown 9" x 13" Copy of Farmyard Scene.
    Unknown 20" x 25" Pair of Continental Landscapes.
    Buhlmam Rome 1864 14" x 22" Landscape View of Naples.
    Unknown oval 28" x 23" St Cecelia.
    10 Ameteur (sic) sketches in 3 frames.
    Unknown 19" x 14" Bather.
    Unknown 18" x 11" The Stepping Stones.
    Wm Mellor 16" x 12" Pair Waterfalls.
    [See information on artist] Unknown oval 28" x 24" Portrait of a Gentleman.
    Small watercolour sketch of child in cornfield.
    Small oval painting of Madonna.
    Unknown 10" x 8½" Girls Head.
    Small oil painting The Angler.
    Unknown 18" x 14" The Grape Crusher.
    Unknown 26" x 24" Oval Portrait of Lady & Child [FCTG] Unknown copy Madame Le Brum painting her own portrait.


    Floor covering.
    Iron bedstead & palliasse.
    2 Hammock chairs.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Mirror in carved guilt frame.
    Old swords and sundries.
    Painted towel rail.
    Wire fender.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.


    Carpet & old chair.
    Shelves and sundries.
    Antique mahogany Gentleman's wardrobe.
    Mahogany cupboard & drawer.
    Fire screen.
    Copy of an oil painting & glazed screen.
    Deal table & chemicals.
    Mahogany & inlaid pembroke table.
    Large Lath[e] & gearing.
    Tool cupbord & tools.
    Mahogany stand.
    Die Machine.
    Large quantity of tools.
    Mahogany stand.
    Oak cupboard & lathe fittings.
    Letter press.
    Old card table.
    Oak nail cabinet.
    Two benches chair coal box & tables.
    Wire fender.
    Copper coal pan.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Mahogany cupboard.
    Number of ivory tusks.
    Old tsable.
    Two negative cases.
    Trestles & tables.
    Old bookcase & table.
    Pair of steps.
    Pole fire screen.
    2 chairs.
    2 grinding machines.
    3 deal tables.
    Letter press.
    Large quantity of photographic chemicals & printing frames.
    Sundries in developing room.


    Needlework picture in guilt frame.
    Globe & stand.
    Small bronze group lion & boar.
    5 mahogany chairs with leather seats.
    Hearthrug & pieces of linoeum.
    Brass fire guard & implements.
    Chimney glass in gilt frame.
    8 chimney ornaments.
    Coal box.
    Fire screen in carved gilded frame.
    Pole fire screen.
    Mahogany fire screen.
    Bronze stag.
    2 oxford frames & photos.
    2 mahogany chairs in hair seating.
    Red curtains cornice & valance.
    Model of life boat.
    Mahogany library steps.
    Cane seats & inlaid with brass.
    Roll of felt.
    Folding ladder.
    Set of 6 coloured prints[.] The Bramham Moor by H Watkins Wild.
    [See information on artist] Unframed painting by Leigh Samson Seascape.
    Portfolio of old engravings.
    Bronze stag.
    [Double Booked?] Mahogany centre table on carved & fluted frame.
    [Is this the billiard table?] Rosewood & inlaid chair.
    Cue rack & cabinet & cues.
    BOOKS [In the Billiard Room] Her Majesty's Army.
    Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire.
    A large number of old books.
    The range of mahogany bookcases.


    Wire Fender.
    Mahogany commode.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Camp bedstead & 2 feather beds.
    Pair of buffalo horns.
    Painted chest of drawers.


    The Brussels carpet as planned.
    Two mahogany cornice poles.
    2 pairs of window curtains.
    3 cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany commode.
    Mahogany 4 post bedstead, palliasse, hair mattress feather bed, wool mattress, bolster & pillows.
    Rosewood couch & cushions.
    Mahogany writing table & cover.
    Waste paper basket, inkstand &c.
    Ottoman seat.
    Mahogany side table.
    & Cover.
    Table with wool work top.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Japanned coal box.
    Steel mounted fender & implements.
    Five photo frames.
    Chimney glass.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Mahogany washstand.
    Toilet ware & footbath.
    Deal dressing table & drapery.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Pair of Sheffield plated candlesticks.
    Persian rug.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    8ft mahogany wardrobe.
    5 Oxford frames & photos.
    Oil painting by F Cavalleri 27" x 20" A Queen [http://answers.
    . 3 coloured prints.
    Water colour sketch of flowers.
    Sketch hunting scene.
    Oil painting by A Roland Knight.
    Pair of upright water colour sketches.
    Circular water colour sketch by N Rayner Boy & pet rabbits.
    [See watercolour from 1852]. Large glass in gilt frame.


    Brussels carpet as laid.
    Curtains cornice pole & valance.
    Skin mat.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Pair of Sheffield plated candlesticks.
    Mahaogany bedside pedestal.
    Painted bedstead palliasse, wool mattress & feather bed, bolster & pillow.
    Mahogany chair.
    Mahogany writing table with adjustable top.
    3 cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Mahogany gentleman's wardrobe.
    Sponge bath & blanket.
    Coal box.
    Steel mounted fender & implements.
    Chimney glass.
    Mahogany washstand.
    Toiletware footbath & jug.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Three oxford frames & photos.
    Water colour sketch.
    Two oil paintings by A Roland Knight Fish.
    [See earlier Google Reference] Two small water colour sketches.
    Framed photo.


    Brussels carpet as planned.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Arm chair & cushion.
    Bath & balnket.
    Mahogany wardrobe.
    Rosewood & inlaid chair.
    Two pairs of stag horns.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    Towel rail.
    Bedside pedestal.
    Window curtains & valance.
    Toilet ware & footbath.
    Hearthrug, fender, implements & coal box.
    Chimney glass.
    Stuffed dogs head.
    The range of ash bookcases.
    250 vols miscellaneous books.
    Little Dorrit.
    Mahogany writing table & cover.
    Iron Persian bedstead 2 hair mattresses, feather bed bolster & pillow.
    3 Oxford frames & photos.
    Small oil painting mountain scenery.
    Water colour sketch Russian Monk begging.
    Small oil painting Seascape.
    Oil painting by Roland Knight Fish.
    [See earlier Google Reference] Copy oil painting, Joseph & Mary & Infant Saviour.


    Brussels carpet.
    Mahogany stand.
    2 mats & gas bracket & smoke bell.


    The Brussels carpet as laid.
    Mahogany gentleman's wardrobe.
    3ft 6 Mahogany wardrobe.
    Painted towel rail.
    Mahogany washstand.
    Toilet ware & footbath.
    Rosewood & inlaid cane seated chair.
    2 pairs window hangings, & cornice poles & valances.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    Toilet mirror[.] Wicker chair.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal with table gtop with two fall leaves.
    Mahogany cane seated chair.
    Antique Mahogany card table on carved frame.
    Blotter & pad.
    Hearthrug, steel mounted fender.
    Chimney glass in gilt frame.
    Pair of china candlesticks.
    Coal box.
    Mahogany writing table & cover.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Mahogany 4 post bedstead hangings & palliasse feather bed & hair mattress.
    Large settee & cushions.
    5 oxford frames & photos.
    Lithograph [S]herburn Church.
    Water colour sketch Swiss Mountain Scenery.
    Mahogany commode.


    Old crimson Brussels carpet.
    Two Mahogany chairs with leather seats.
    Hanging wardrobe.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Iron persian bedstead, palliasse, feather bed, bolster & pillow & hair mattress.
    Bath & blanket.
    Chimney glass.
    Steel mounted fender.
    Mahogany washstand & toiletware.
    do towel rail.
    Do dressing table.
    Do toilet mirror.
    Do chest of drawers.
    Pair of curtains and poles.
    Five oxford frames & photos.

    [Note the typist must have been made aware of the use of the abbreviation "do" that is, ditto.
    For those unaware of this expression, which I came across decades ago during lessons in Quantity Surveying… whew! Essentially it is used to save re-writing the keyword.
    The above details of the items in Bedroom 4 like many other rooms feature, "Mahogany" regularly, so to avoid typing the word over and over you use the abbreviation "do" or "ditto" to say that it is basically the same I.
    class of wood in this case, but the piece differs in that it is a rail, or table etc.
    It seems likely the typist must have reached saturation point on a hot summer afternoon; (it was authored in June 1905) and a colleague explained how to save time by using the ditto abbreviation!]


    Old Brussels carpet.
    Mahogany commode.
    Do bidette.
    Do bedsteps commode.
    Old table & two tin boxes.
    Deal table & two stools.
    Curtain & cornice pole.
    11 various travelling boxes.
    2 Mahogany writing tables.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.


    Tapestry carpet.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Coal box.
    Perforated brass fender.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Iron bedstead & bedding.
    Cane seated chair & lamp.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Writing table.
    Mahogany washstand & ware.
    Towel rail, footbath &c.


    Carpet & rug.
    Fender & implements & kettle & stand.
    2 old arm chairs.
    Centre table.
    3 chairs.
    Mahogany bureau.
    3 pctures.
    Mahogany pedestal small table.


    Stairs carpet & rods.
    The tapestry carpet as laid.
    Crimson stair carpet to red room.
    Brass rods.
    Indian matting.
    Long strip of carpet.
    . 2 gas brackets.


    Pew cushion.
    Water bed.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Do bedside pedestal.
    Beech & inlaid snap top table.
    Foot bath & blanket.
    Quantity of books.
    Shower bath.
    Cabinet bath.
    Japanned bidette.
    Painted bedsteads.
    Feather bed.
    Old gun.
    2 chairs.
    mahogany bureau.
    13 various empty gun cases.
    Wire fender.
    Stuffed fox.
    5 pictures.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    A number of negative cases.
    Large quantity of sundries.
    Baby's chair.
    Chimney glass in gilt frame.


    [G]as bracket.
    Mahogany two tier dumb waiter.



    Mahogany bedsteps commode.
    Mahogany camp bedstead & bedding.
    Brussels carpet.
    Painted cupboard.
    Mahogany washstand.
    3 small deal top stands.
    Mahogany table.
    Folding cane seated chair.
    Chair bedstead.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Coal box & guard.
    Chimney glass.
    Old engraving.


    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    8ft wardrobe.
    Rosewood writing table.
    Mahogany cabinet fitted with 9 drawers.
    2 electric batteries.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Invalids wheel chair & cushion.
    Spare cornices.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Toilet mirror.
    5 cane seated chairs.
    Coal box.
    Brass mounted fender.
    Wire guard & foot hassock.
    Chimney glass & ornaments.
    Mahogany writing table.
    Bed table.
    Linen basket.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Wall bookshelf & 24 vols of books.
    Mahogany 4 post bedstead, box spring mattress, hair mattress, bolster & two pillows.
    Ilkley coach & cushions.
    Two oil paintings copies of family portraits.
    Picture of birds with feathers.

    ROOM 2

    Mahogany & inlaid table movable top.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Birch invalids chair.
    Small stand.
    Two mahogany wall book cases 90 vols of books.
    Perforated steel fender & implements.
    Kettle stand & guard.
    Coal box & hassock.
    Chimney glass.
    Set of 3 blue vases.
    8 small chimney ornaments.
    Mahogany chair.
    Small mahogany table.
    Deal dressing table.
    Deal stand.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    Washstand & ware.
    Box ottoman.
    Mahogany coat rack.
    8ft mahogany wardrobe.
    Wood carving of Angels head.
    Mahogany cane seated chair.
    6ft wardrobe fitted with bureau.
    Do firescreen.
    Antique mahogany card table.
    mahogany writing table.
    Blotting pad.
    Beech wood table or plant stand.
    Mahogany settee & cushions.
    Rosewood prayer desk.
    Water colour sketch portrait of 2 young ladies [Peris of the North?] 12 small pictures & photos.

    ROOM 3

    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Box & magic lantern.
    Deal bookshelves.
    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Coal box & wire guard.
    Picture, portrait of two young ladies.
    Mahogany gentleman's wardrobe.
    Mahogany stool leather top.
    dressing table.
    Iron bedstead & mattresses.
    Mahogany towel rail.
    5ft mahogany washstand.
    Toilet ware.
    Footbath &c.
    Two copies of portraits.
    Sundry books.
    Fire screen.

    ROOM 4

    7ft 6 Mahogany bookcase.
    Waverley novels 12.
    Sundry books.
    Cane seated arm chair.
    Mahogany side table.
    Case of stuffed birds.
    Grand piano case fitted as cabinet.
    Mahogany washstand.
    Hammock & sundries.
    Mahogany boot rack.
    Telescope & case.
    Mahogany writing table.
    Galvanic battery.
    About 30 vols of books.
    2 cane seated chairs.
    Invalids wheel chair.
    Iron framed rocking chair.
    Dress stand.
    Sundries in cupboard.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Wire fender & implements.
    Coal box.
    Mahogany bedside pedestal.
    Rosewood work table.
    Mahogany table.
    Odd books & A [q]uantity of sundries.
    17 various small framed prints &c.


    3 bedsteads & mattresses.
    Old bath.
    Mahogany table.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Antique Mahogany cammode [sic] painted washstand & towel rail.
    Old 4 post bedstead.
    Washstand & ware.
    Old steel fender.
    Mahogany pedestal.
    Coal box.
    Oak cupboard.
    Old sewing machine.
    2 oak chest of drawers.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Old bedstead.
    3 cane seated chairs.
    Mahogany rush seated chair.
    Old mahogany arm chair.
    Mahogany chair.
    mahogany writing table.
    No 2 Two iron bedsteads & mattresses.
    About 50 old broken chairs 3 painted tables.
    Cans & towel rail.
    3 tier dumb waiter.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Steel hearthstand.
    Sundry toiletware.
    Boxes &c.


    Old carpet.
    Painted cupboard.
    4 brooms.
    Housemaids boxes &C.
    Two old brass warming pans.


    Old chest of drawers.
    Mirror & washstand.


    Mahogany chest of drawers.
    Washstand & ware.
    mahogany chair.
    Bedstead & bedding.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Steel fender.
    Painted table.
    gas pendant.


    3 cans.
    Slop pails.
    3 brooms.
    Large blanket chest.
    Do Do.
    Smaller do.
    Brass can.
    2 linen baskets.
    Bath & linen basket.
    Indian matting.


    Painted cupboard.
    Steel fender irons & rug.
    mantel glass & gas bracket.
    2 bedsteads & bedding.
    2 chairs.
    Mahogany dressing table.
    2 toilet mirrors.
    Towel rail.
    Washstand & ware.
    Oak chest of drawers.
    Mahogany table.
    Painted chest of drawers.
    Linen basket.
    Painted wardrobe.


    Tapestry carpet.
    Axminster rug.
    Mahogany table.
    Painted cupboard.
    mahogany stand.
    Iron bedstead & bedding.
    Mahy [mahogany] chest of drawers.
    3 chairs.
    Mahy [mahogany] pedestal & commode.
    2 gas brackets & 2 pairs curtains.
    Steel fender & coal box.
    Mahy [mahogany] dressing table.
    Mahogany toilet mirror.
    Painted towel rail.
    Painted washstand & ware.
    Long painted cupboard.


    Two wood trays.
    5 metal trays.
    4 decorated trays.
    Bread board.
    Large brass can.
    Two smaller cans.
    Two ptd [painted?] cans.
    Towel rail.
    6 water bottles.
    Two mahogany chairs.
    Steel fender & irons.
    Mahogany table.
    Old double barrelled .
    Plate chest.
    Striking clock.
    Reading lamp.
    4 various brass table lamps.
    Brass lamp.
    Two blue china & brass lamps.
    Mahogany & brass bound wine cooler.
    Scales & weights.
    10 wall lamps.
    3 gas globes.
    2 teapots.
    9 finger bowls.
    Sundrty glass vases.
    About 100 various wine glasses.
    Painted & gilt dessert service of centre dish.
    8 samll dishes.
    15 plates & 2 ice pails.
    2 beer jugs.


    3 large cans.
    3 various trays.
    2 baskets.
    Plate tray.
    Brush foot warmer & sundries.
    Copper kettle.
    4 copper vessels.
    3 tin coffee pots.
    5 salad plates.
    13 ice plates.
    15 pieces of old decorated tea ware.
    Wedgewood breakfast ware.
    2 teapots & odd china.
    23 pieces of Copeland Felspar teaware.
    Coffe pot & tea pot.
    Blue teapot & odd china.
    Six dozen large table knives.
    3 doz small do.
    13 carving knives.
    17 carving forks.
    2 steels.
    2 plate baskets.
    Butler's tray letter bag.


    Deal table.
    3 coal boxes.
    Fibre mat.


    3 plate boxes.
    Long table two salmon preserving casks.
    Chopping table.
    Old churn.
    Tin hastener.
    Long deal table.
    Bootle basket.
    Large pestle & mortar.
    Iron coal box.
    7 empty packing cases.
    Old iron & sundries.


    Stool & painted cupboard.
    Empty packing case.
    Six forms long table.
    Stags head.
    Iron fender & steel.
    Stuffed swan.
    Stuffed fox.
    Oak side table.
    Box full of old books.
    Towel rail.
    Pianola case.


    Long table & stool.


    Painted cupboard.
    Smaller do.
    2 boxes & pair of steps.
    Jars & bowls.
    Soap & other stores.


    Mahogany leaf case & spare leaves.


    Gas pendant.
    Door mat.
    Mahogany table & cover.
    Coal box.
    Two mahogany arm chairs.
    Old mahogany sofa & cushions.
    Mahogany Pembroke table & cover.
    Chair in h s.
    ? Oak snap top table.
    Red curtains & valance.
    Pair of tall antique mahogany corner cabinets.
    Iron fender & irons.
    Matel glass.
    Six framed portraits.
    12 frasmed pictures.
    Old engraving Christopher Wilson Esq.
    2 old oil paintings copies.
    Mahogany fire screen.
    2 old engravings.
    Antique mahogany chest of drawers.


    Piece of matting& fibre mat.
    Deal table.
    25 copper pans.
    Copper stock pots.
    3 dish covers.
    Small stand.
    Chair & stool.
    Side table.
    Oak grandfather's clock.
    25 copper jelly moulds.
    7 pewter plates.
    Large copper kettle.
    5 coal pans.
    Quantity of kitchen crockery.
    Sundry kitchen utensils.
    Steel fender.


    Tapestry carpet.
    5 mahogany chairs.
    2 mahogany arm chairs.
    Oak chest of drawers.
    Wall book shelves.
    Old dining table.
    2 pairs of cornices & curtains.
    Mahogany arm chair.
    Oak grandfather clock.
    Steel fender.
    Chimney glass.
    Antique mahogany chair.
    Half circular table.
    Grey parrot & cage.
    Old sideboard.
    3 old paintings.
    8 various pictures.


    Large wood chest.
    Painted cupboard.
    Coffee mill.
    Large table.
    Two boxes.
    4 openwork table tops.
    Deal table.
    Marble top table.
    2 stands.
    Small deal table.
    Enamel flour bin & bowl.
    Brown ware.
    Meat cover.
    Sieves & utensils.


    China dinner service painted with flowers.
    Stone china dinner service.
    Sundry parts of dinner service.
    Spode tea & breakfas[t] ware. [Fetched 12 guineas (£12 12s 0d) see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
    2 white baskets.
    Game pie dish & sundries.
    Coalport breakfast ware.
    Wedgewood tea set.
    Tea & breakfast service.
    Painted roses & gilt.
    Trout dish vase, jardiniere & sundry crockery.
    Glass jug.
    2 game pie dishes.
    Sundry glass.
    Teapots & jugs.
    10 Oriental cups & suacers.
    9 pewter pieces.
    Dessert set with green sprig. [Fetched 16 guineas £16 16s 0d see first paragraph, from Skyrack newspaper.]
    Decorated tea service.
    Drab tea set maroon border.
    16 ice plates.
    Sundry glass & crockery.
    7 flat irons.
    5 cream bowls.
    4 large copper vessels . 7 large copper pans.
    Pestle & mortar.
    Sundry copper pans.
    15 copper moulds.
    35 pewter plates.
    7 large do.


    Blue carpet.
    Mahogany pedestal desk.
    3 chairs.
    Table lamp.
    Large desk.
    Letter press & stand.
    Birch bookcase.
    2 chairs.
    LINEN &c 68 pairs linen sheets.
    9 white bath towels.
    4 large brown do.
    1 small do.
    67 best huckaback towels.
    312 servants do.
    62 linel pillow cases.
    50 pairs of blankets.
    24 long table cloths.
    24 serviettes.
    3 sideboard cloths.
    38 d'oyleys.
    Large quantity of old house linen all marked.
    [Gascoigne arms?] counterpanes.
    Dust sheets.
    Dusters &c.


    Ptd [painted] dressing table & mirror.
    Bedstead & bedding.
    2 chairs.
    Washstand & ware.
    Old card table.
    Mahogany pedestal commode.
    Ptd [painted] towel rail.
    Bath & foot baths.


    Two ton roller (1 shaft broken). Turnip drill.
    Old hay tedder.
    Large double shafted waggon.
    4 carts.
    Hay & straw elevator.
    Long ladder.
    Stack poles.
    3 deal table tops.
    One ton roller.
    Hay rake machine.
    Self binder complete.
    Two old diggers.
    Old wood plough.
    Two chain harrows.
    Two iron ploughs.
    Ridging plough.
    3 sets of iron harrows.
    Iron lawn roller.
    Old cart.
    Flat roller.
    Old cultivator.
    Flat roller.
    Cambridge roller.
    Water cart.
    Hay tedder.
    Hay knives.
    3 water tanks.
    Three American sweeps. [Circular roundabout type cart device for powering agricultural equipment by horse effort.]


    Gearing for 12 horses.


    Shovels, forks & buckets.
    Two lamps.
    4 head collars.
    Chains for 3 horses.
    Old swill cart.


    Quantity of old lead.
    India rubber pipe for pump.
    12 hay forks.
    . Quantity of plough fittings.
    Cask of oil.
    12 hay rakes.
    3 lamps.
    Spades, forks & other tools.
    Mil[e]age wheel.
    Two crow bars.
    8 turnip hoes, sundries.
    3 cart lamps.
    Hand seed drill.
    2 copper closet pans.
    Cart ropes.
    Quantity of medicine.


    Two large corn bins.


    Sitting boxes & old cask.


    7 various pails.
    6 basins.
    Scales & weights.
    Alexandra separator.
    Wood butter bowls &c.
    3 small milk cans.


    Old incubator.
    Old milk cans & sundries.
    5 old stack covers.
    Small quantity of chicken corn.
    A small lot of hay.
    Rope & wheels for stack covers.
    8 old hay forks.
    Old 4 post bedstead.
    6 old sacks.
    2 barrows.
    2 older do.
    6 sythes.
    Small milk barrow.


    2 gantries.
    3 corn tubs.
    Old turnip cutter.
    4 stone feeding troughs.


    4 old sacks.
    2 old forks.
    Old cask.
    Cake mill.
    Grist mill.
    Hay cutter.
    & belts & gearing for same.


    Quantity of oats.
    Sack weighing machine.
    Boards & odd wood.
    Pulley wheels & chain.


    Small quantity of old potatoes.
    Small lot of hay.
    Broom, rake, fork &c.
    Bullock weighing machine by Avery.


    2 large hay rakes.
    2 old casks.


    12 cow chains.
    Milk recorder.
    2 pails wood tumbler.


    Bellows, anvil, vice, quantity of iron, horse shoes, & sundry Blacksmiths tools & implements.


    Two benches.
    Lathe & fittings fret saw.
    Drilling & mortice machine.
    Joiners tools.
    Quantity of wood.
    Long ladder.


    Cooking & sundry utensils.
    Potato washer.
    Deal table.
    Long feeding trough.
    12 old chicken coops.
    3 short ladders.
    4 old sheep troughs.


    Stack of oat straw.
    Small stack of wheat do.
    Part stack of hay.
    Small do.


    [FCTG ]Shire horse.
    Shire horse.
    Old horse for wood cart.
    Clydesdale Filly Royal Queen.


    [FCTG ] Guernsey bull.
    Do calf.
    7 do cows.
    4 young heifers.
    12 heifers.
    15 bullocks.
    12 heifers.


    [FCTG ] Berkshire boar.
    Sow in pig sow & nine pigs.
    Do & nine pigs.
    Do & nine pigs.
    Do & ten pigs.


    [FCTG ] 13 young guinea fowls.
    4 geese.
    7 turkeys.
    11 guinea fowls.
    10 young turkeys.
    6 game cockerills [sic]]]. 70 hens & pullets.
    20 young chickens.
    2 goslings.


    Horse lawn mowing machine.
    2 iron chairs.
    2 wood & iron garden seats.
    10 iron garden chairs.
    12" lawn mower.
    Various watering cans.
    Oil tank.
    Numerous garden tools.
    4 various ladders.
    Small cart.
    3 wheel barrows.
    Garden netting.
    Water tub.
    Water barrel on wheels.


    Short ladder.
    Hand barrow.
    Hose pipe.
    Coal shovel & hammer.
    Empty flower pots.
    3 frame lights.
    Scales & weights.
    Small hand fire engine & hoses complete.
    All the contents of the greenhouses, comprising various plants, carnations, cineraria, crotons, dracaena, ferns, geraniums, gloxinas, axalias, & numerous other stove & greenhouse plants.


    3 bedsteads & bedding.
    Chest of drawers.
    5 chairs.
    Deal table.
    Painted cupboard.
    Can & pails.
    Odd crockery & sundries.

    We hereby value the articles enumerated in the foregoing Inventory at the sum of Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighteen Pounds, Fourteen Shillings and Two Pence.

    £4,718 - 14 - 2

    Hollis & Webb Valuers