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Willowgarth Plantation Lakes

Willowgarth Plantation Lake

It seems the Gascoigne's enjoyed water features, there are culverts, artificial lakes, fish ponds etc., dotted around the estate, but perhaps the least known is the Willowgarth Plantation Lakes, small but beautifully set amongst planted ewe trees. Today the lakes number just ONE the remaining two having given way to the continual build up of leaf mould, silt and other vegetable matter over the generations. The picture above is how it looks today, on the small island sits a delicate oak tree, featured in greater detail below...

Oak tree on the island in Willowgarth Lake

The oak tree appears to have grown commensurate with the space available on the small island. Obviously planted, it must be over a hundred years old at least, the lake and island feature on the ordnance plans from the beginning of the twentieth century.

A carpet of bluebells surrounds the lake

The bluebells around the lake add to the magic of the place, on a good spring day it is an invigorating spot to visit. Even the sycamore struggling to make headway in the foliage amongst the bluebells adds a dash of colour.

Sycamore tree

There are many fine trees around the area, not least this rare fir tree.

Fir Tree

Parlington Hall in the late Nineteenth century. Taken from a photograph provided
by the Garforth Historical Society.